Mr. Flynn, Russia & The President

Understanding why President Trump’s National Security  Adviser, Michael Flynn, resigned is still difficult to discern nearly a week after it happened. Most online media people say he resigned because he was talking to the Russians. During his press conference 3 days after the resignation the president insisted that Mr. Flynn had been doing his job as National Security Adviser in talking to foreign dignitaries including Russians but that he had not fully informed the vice president about what he had said to the Russians (?). Yesterday I read an article published by the National Review (presumably a Republican right-leaning publication) highlighting reasons the FBI should not be investigating Mr. Flynn. Today I found a reasonably objective analysis of the Flynn matter in Robert Bridge’s “The Swamp strikes back: Trump’s ex-NSA Michael Flynn meets his match” explaining how vengeful Democrats were likely the source of illegal leaking, receiving, and publishing of FBI  surveillance of Mr. Flynn’s foreign contacts, illegalities that the president mentioned as he tried to explain Mr. Flynn’s resignation. The writer analyzing the Flynn  contacts with Russia suggests that though Mr. Flynn had as the president suggested been doing his National Security  Adviser’s job, the fact that the leaks of FBI surveillance of Flynn’s conversing with Russia may have maintained months of media attention to Mr. Trump’s conciliatory comments about Russia and its leader Mr. Putin that President Trump had to stop.