Who knows what they’re talking about in Sweden?

The man detained for a Malmö arson attack claimed by Isis did not commit a terror offence, a Swedish remand hearing has concluded.

The Syrian citizen has instead been remanded accused of arson, in relation to a fire in Malmö on October 11th which caused smoke damage to a community centre.

The chief prosecutor had pushed for the incident to be described as a terror offence, but after a three hour remand hearing, Malmö district course decided that was not the case.

“There are very high conditions that need to be met for something to be a terror crime. In my closing statement I said that the prosecution is far from that. And the district court clearly agreed with it,” defence attorney Lars Edman told news agency TT after the hearing… (October 2016)

On February 7, 2017 this is what a Swedish terrorist expert, Lee Roden, had to say about President Trump’s charges that media under report Sweden’s terrorist crimes:

US President Donald Trump accused the Western media on Monday of intentionally failing to cover terror attacks adequately, a move slammed by a Swedish terrorism expert as domestic propaganda based on a lie.