What President Trump Said

When I heard how everyone seemed to be laughing and scratching heads over Mr. Trump’s saying, in Florida on February 18, 2017,  that Sweden had crimes linked to migrants;  I assumed he must’ve got caught in a rhetorical wind. But I wanted to know if there might be at least a kernel of truth to his charges since I eventually learned that he said that his charges were based on something right-winger Tucker Carlson had reported on Fox News. Then I learned that Mr. Trump on Feb. 6, 2017 had earlier talked about the state of affairs he got laughed at for mentioning on Feb 18. The Atlantic on Feb.7 even did a story about his saying on Feb. 6  that the western media were not fully reporting those Swedish, migrant related incidents. So by Monday I came to see that not only was there a basis in Sweden for Trump’s statements but that there was a “tug of war”(implied in search strings,”the truth about Malmo”& “truth about Sweden”) between those who wanted to publicize and combat what President Trump was being laughed at for mentioning and those who felt that people like Trump were simply making mountains of  little hills to further their own purposes.

My first bits of information about what might be happening in Sweden in connection with migrants came from journalist Lee Roden who has written a number of articles about these matters which I’ve pasted below from under the heading “Islamist Watch”:

Title Publication Date
Gothenburg ‘one of Europe’s most segregated cities’ The Local October 28, 2016
Sweden to ban masks but not burqas at football matches The Local September 30, 2016
Handshaking row causes Swedish teacher to leave job The Local September 22, 2016
Swedish woman denied job because of her head scarf The Local May 30, 2016