Liar Liar

From Sunday Feb. 19 ’till Tuesday 21 or so if you put ” donald trump” into the Google box you’d get a slew of  mocking headers about President Trump’s telling everyone that Sweden has a migrant-crime problem. Many of these headers were published by the British, but Russian owned, Independent. Today, Feb. 24, the only way you can quickly get mention of Trump and Sweden online is to put Sweden into the Google box. The results seem dated yesterday Feb. 23, 2017 or earlier, and they indicate that some people don’t want anyone to know what’s actually happening that might give Sweden an image that could deter tourists. After the riots among migrants in Sweden reported Thursday morning on Canadian television, I guess a lot of people know that President Trump was not just making things up on either Feb 6, 2017, or again on February 18. But media’s journalist workers sure did a good job for a few days making people think that the president is a liar.