Tax Returns, Sticks-Stones & Names

My CP24 television told me in a printed caption today; March 15, 2017, that China is displeased with America’s intending to increase tariffs on Chinese manufactured products.

Mr. Buchanan former contender in Republican primaries for president wants to know why America does not remove its military from South Korea, and why, now; it is instead strengthening its presence there.

Yesterday online reports were about North Korea threatening the U.S. with increasingly longer range rockets because it believes that America in its recent increased military aid to South Korea, and military games is preparing an attack.

Since President Trump first began talking of the irrelevance of Nato and ineptness of the UN, recently withdrawing funding from UN programmes, journalists who weren’t calling him names were wondering why candidate Mr. Trump was seeking a more cordial relationship with Russia.

Michael Moore was quoted online somewhere as saying that President Trump is going to get us all killed.

Could this be what they’ve been hiding?

Finally reporting of substance, free of caricature and mockery about Mr. Trump’s Republican candidacy: Mr. Trump with the support of the U.S. military will attempt to increase military expenditures not for regime change they say, but to caution North Korea and Iran.

I reblogged the above from September 7, 2016 probably because Mr. Trump’s been getting some media attention for his appointing military men to his administration, even choosing a general as secretary of defense when it’s customary to put a non military citizen in that post like Obama’s choice Leon Panetta who had no military qualifications. Panetta reveals his reaction to being chosen secretary of defense in his book Worthy Fights. And it looks like Trump is really planning on spending more government money on military equipment and more soldiers. I wonder if he’s planning on maintaining the military industrial complex that President Eisenhower spoke of.