Mr. Flynn and Congress

I’ve wondered for some time about the firing of Mr. Flynn national security adviser to President Trump; so his offer to voluntarily give evidence to a U.S. congressional comity investigating Russian interference in the 2016  U.S. election for president seemed significant when it appeared before today in a television caption courtesy of my local sports and weather broadcaster without explanation. Until this morning’s  Drudge Report header indicating that Mr. Flynn had volunteered to give evidence in exchange for immunity I can’t recall seeing the Flynn offer online especially the immunity pledge which would have begged my attention. When the Drudge link wouldn’t open, I did a Flynn search and got the headers about the immunity offer I couldn’t open in the Drudge file. But all three results at the top of  my search results page were offered by three large Canadian  media organizations. The times of their publication are interesting because The Globe and Mail item claims to have been published one day ago; though I’m certain that had I seen the word “immunity” one day ago I certainly would have noticed. Again all I recall is that television caption before today March 31, 2017 indicating that Flynn offered to give evidence. If the word “immunity” had caught my attention then I’d have assumed that Mr. Flynn had done something he shouldn’t have, maybe at the behest of President Trump.