Some of the things I’ve liked about Donald Trump in addition to that snapshot of a friend and him I was shown up around Davisville and Toronto’s Yonge Street is that people hate or fear him, and that he rarely mentions the middle class, the class Karl Marx called the bourgeoisie. What I don’t like about him are his military attachments and how he mistreats his friends: threatening Ms. Clinton with jail and attempting to destroy Mr. Clinton’s reputation; then once elected publically pronouncing his unqualified respect for those people, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton.

But again his minimal reference to the middle class (the class that does well serving the  upper class like the Clintons’ and Trump’s wealthy administration) highlights the rhetorical  extolling of the virtuous middle class by middle class politicians like Mr. Sanders.

FBI Opened An Investigation Into Jane Sanders At Burlington College
By TrumpResistance
Thursday Apr 27, 2017 · 11:57 PM EST

Trump Trade Terror

I’ve suspected that the global ridicule directed at Donald Trump, now President Trump, has been motivated by fear of his wanting to renegotiate NAFTA, in effect seeming to oppose Free Trade that old Victorian Era battle cry of British manufacturers. The results of the first round of the French election with the middle of the road party(free trade sympathizers) taking the lead seemed to have explained the near 200 point gain in the Dow futures, and Germany’s Dax nearly 400, a view confirmed by a BNN caption: “STOCKS SURGE AMID RELIEF OVER FIRST ROUND OF FRENCH PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION”.

Asset Price Inflation

Canada is the U.S.A’s number one supplier of oil. Everything that anyone can produce needs oil either as a component as in plastics and energy as in manufactured products such as military equipment or fuel for cars trucks and tanks. I’ve read that some believe that Germany lost WWII because Germany unlike Russia and the U.S. A. did not have easy access or control over oil mining. When the price of oil peaked in 2007-2008 Canada’s currency in relation to the U.S.dollar soared to over 10 cents above the value of the U.S. world currency. As the price of oil declined from 2009 to the present the Canadian currency declined 35% from its 2008 peak relative to the U.S. dollar.

As the value of Canada’s currency declined, now worth nearly 26% less than the currency, house prices in Ontario’s Greater Toronto Area have accelerated to unsustainably inflationary values. While Canada’s oil prices descended and house prices ascended. mortgage rates decreased to previously unheard of levels

To date with all the public figures voicing consternation over rising house prices and rents, no one has publically mentioned the causes of this inflation and the now nearly 26% discount available to house purchasers with U.S. dollars (world currency) borrowed at near zero percent rates.

Here’s an old post from November 2015 that draws the same conclusions about the relationship between oil price and the Canadian currency when the loonie was worth a bit more than it was yesterday. It reminds me of when I had a conversation about the astronomical rise in the value of my neighbour’s “little house”; I said maybe its real price should be 25% less to reflect the value of the loonie relative to the U.S. greenback. He responded by saying he personally knew Middle East people who were then buying Canada’s real estate for cash. Yesterday we heard that Ontario’s premiere was going to charge foreign real estate buyers a 15% foreign buyers tax. Maybe its not just foreign buyers that need disciplining but everyone who is able to get cheap American currency to invest in Canada’s inflationary housing market, not included in the cost of living index where there’s no inflation.

Oil & the Loonie

Something called Carbon Capture Report comes up every so often when I put “peterderemigis” into Google. Today I opened it to see why my name was embedded, and found this: my old 2010 outburst about $150-a-barrel petrol when Canada’s currency was just about par with the greenback. Now oil has sunk to just over forty dollars per barrel U.S. along with the Canadian currency now worth scarcely seventy-five percent of the U.S.dollar as media celebrates the Climate Change conference of world leaders; with the leader of Canada’s Liberals about to pledge over 2 billion dollars for a future carbon free universe.

Where is Canada?

Like the United States Canada, land of The Consumer – Traveler enticed by world marketers may not exist as a nation.

In his recent visit to India Canada’s Defence minister is accused of being a Sikh nationalist – Sikh nationalism,  associated with Canadian soldiers 2 1/2 years ago in Canada’s The National Post, not Canadian nationalism.


“Ottawa quietly apologized to India after Canadian soldiers appeared with posters of Sikh radicals at temple”

Peter O’Neil, Postmedia News | December 15, 2014 | Last Updated: Jan 24 4:25 PM ET
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“no knee jerk reactions” home builders say.

Haste will badly affect the economy Royal Lepage says.

Foreign real estate purchases have always existed those in the know say.

Ontario minister will take extra care to see that money laundering regulations are enforced.

And Canada’s C.D. Howe Institute says Toronto’s housing issue comes down to zoning laws, density targets: C.D. Howe


Looking For America

Since Donald Trump became the Republican candidate for president, whenever I put his name into the Google box; at the top of my search results page I get British media headers from The Independent and The Guardian which have begun to replace the New York Times‘ Trump vitriol so that I now find myself looking for American commentary to get American reaction to American events and not British, Canadian (Toronto Star) and Australian snide snipers’ opinions, I sometimes even seek The New York Times which I once gave up on for real analysis of political events in the U.S.A..

So many of these foreign media organizations have been outnumbering American media that I’d begun suspecting that the U.S.A. had ceased to exist, and is just one more ghostly destination for globe-trotting internationalists – like Canada maybe.

The header below makes me think that there may be some truth to my fanciful hypothesis.

“UC Davis student leaders say American flag display should be optional at meetings”

“Read more here:”

Everyone knows why real estate is expensive.

Today another sold over asking on a real estate sold sign, a for sale sign for 2 or three weeks.
Politicians and central bankers say they don’t know why house prices have risen above what Canadian currency holders can afford. They have middle class jobs though. Anyone who has U.S. dollars knows that you get a 25% discount if you purchase a house in the Greater Toronto Area. The Canada dollar has been worth 75% of the world currency, the United States dollar for almost 2 years now. Even if prices drop as they are expected to you’ll still be okay with a 25% reduction on a one million dollar property at mortgage rates not far from zero you’re in great shape.

Free Speech

  • Under “search terms” in my stats I noticed:
  • “ fake news?”

I searched and found a WordPress site that seems dedicated to free speech with an article illustrating the effect of President Trump’s  executive ordered travel ban on news reports.

I then thought I’d like to see what Scott Adams had to say about current events. He usually has something entertainingly positive about President Trump; though he seems more on the side of Russia and Syria in his not being convinced that Syria had reason to use chemical weapons at this late date. But what he has online today is about his fear that his tweets, his statements are getting”shadowbanned”. He fears his free speech is being curtailed because he has written positively about President Trump. He was told by Twitter executives that Twitter does not “shadowban” anybody. But he still believes his tweets are being “shadowbanned” He says

…So what we have here is a fascinating situation in which there is either a mass delusion about Twitter shadowbanning political speech on one side … or something evil is happening at Twitter. My operating assumption is that there is no way that I could tell the difference. When you are inside a delusion, it looks totally real to you…

Right and Left cover Centrist Cash.

Facts that world wide online English language media wouldn’t reveal: Wealthy friends share economic and political interests while traveling the middle of the road that leads to more of the same.

Donald Rodham Clinton

The Trump presidency is taking on a decidedly Clintonian flavor.

By Jack Shafer

April 13, 2017