Confidence Manipulators

What’s below comes from something called “Snopes” when you put Donald Trump into the Google box. It begins with the term “hearsay” in its title and the nearby phrase “fact check” implying that its publisher is really truthful. But their using the Wall Street Journal 4.5 line, 3 writer blurb by the Wall Street Journal whose editorial board the president was said to have lost several days back for not proving that President Obama spied on him says: watch out these guys are mind manipulators.

…The rumor seems couched in the apparently darkening cloud surrounding President Trump’s former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, who resigned after 24 days in office over revelations he had misled Vice President Mike Pence about his meetings with a Russian envoy. On 30 March, the Wall Street Journal broke news that Flynn offered authorities and intelligence officials an interview in exchange for immunity against prosecution…