Dr. Fly was told that “Flynn Did Not Ask for Immunity Deal”

Today is April 3, 2017. The last online header about the Flynn offer to testify for immunity I could find was dated March 31; most are dated March 30, 2017. And all those articles referred to the Wall Street Journal blurb of March 30 to convince readers that Mr. Flynn really did offer to testify for immunity and according to some articles: he’d previously testified that if anyone sought immunity they must be guilty of something. A bit of ambiguity about Mr Flynn leaving his national security post: some said he resigned, others that he was fired. I think I recall the president saying he fired Mr. Flynn.

When I tried a link to the WSJ blurb that all articles use to confirm that Mr. Flynn really wanted immunity to testify, the bottom was clouded over as though there was more to it than I bookmarked several days ago if you signed in. When I opened my bookmark the blurb offered the same cloud, beginning on the last (5’th) blurb line followed by the sign in invitation.

What I copied below came up while I was unsuccessfully trying to find a current article on the Flynn matter.

 Spokesman For the House Intelligence Committee Says Flynn Did Not Ask for Immunity Deal

There is some confusion about whether the Wall Street Journal published more fake news when they claimed Mike Flynn requested immunity. The spokesman for Chairman Nunes of the House Intelligence Committee said Flynn has not requested an immunity deal.