The Social System

In Canada, Ontario, I Believe the word “systematic” has begun appearing in captions of our local weather and sports television channel. The word has come up in complaints about the public school system. The expression “middle class” has been a surprise new entry into Canada’s political rhetoric with politicians of all persuasions wanting to advance the fortunes of the “middle class”; even Canada’s socialists, originally seeming to represent the “working class” , then families now champion “the middle class”.

Sometimes I believe that Canadians are copying Americans in wanting to believe that everyone is middle class even those whose job may soil their clothing, but as I was growing up among those whose employment required grubby work clothes I understood that those of the “middle class” were the privileged few well paid professionals, whose work never got their hands dirty.

Today with complaints about systematic discrimination and public speakers vowing to stamp it out, with one level of government even wanting to make it illegal; I see only representatives of what I used to think were members of the “middle class” making every effort to confirm that the system that their system will not permit itself to be seen engaging in actions detrimental to the system.