Free Speech

  • Under “search terms” in my stats I noticed:
  • “ fake news?”

I searched and found a WordPress site that seems dedicated to free speech with an article illustrating the effect of President Trump’s  executive ordered travel ban on news reports.

I then thought I’d like to see what Scott Adams had to say about current events. He usually has something entertainingly positive about President Trump; though he seems more on the side of Russia and Syria in his not being convinced that Syria had reason to use chemical weapons at this late date. But what he has online today is about his fear that his tweets, his statements are getting”shadowbanned”. He fears his free speech is being curtailed because he has written positively about President Trump. He was told by Twitter executives that Twitter does not “shadowban” anybody. But he still believes his tweets are being “shadowbanned” He says

…So what we have here is a fascinating situation in which there is either a mass delusion about Twitter shadowbanning political speech on one side … or something evil is happening at Twitter. My operating assumption is that there is no way that I could tell the difference. When you are inside a delusion, it looks totally real to you…