Looking For America

Since Donald Trump became the Republican candidate for president, whenever I put his name into the Google box; at the top of my search results page I get British media headers from The Independent and The Guardian which have begun to replace the New York Times‘ Trump vitriol so that I now find myself looking for American commentary to get American reaction to American events and not British, Canadian (Toronto Star) and Australian snide snipers’ opinions, I sometimes even seek The New York Times which I once gave up on for real analysis of political events in the U.S.A..

So many of these foreign media organizations have been outnumbering American media that I’d begun suspecting that the U.S.A. had ceased to exist, and is just one more ghostly destination for globe-trotting internationalists – like Canada maybe.

The header below makes me think that there may be some truth to my fanciful hypothesis.

“UC Davis student leaders say American flag display should be optional at meetings”

“Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/news/local/education/article145130714.html#storylink=cpy”