Some of the things I’ve liked about Donald Trump in addition to that snapshot of a friend and him I was shown up around Davisville and Toronto’s Yonge Street is that people hate or fear him, and that he rarely mentions the middle class, the class Karl Marx called the bourgeoisie. What I don’t like about him are his military attachments and how he mistreats his friends: threatening Ms. Clinton with jail and attempting to destroy Mr. Clinton’s reputation; then once elected publically pronouncing his unqualified respect for those people, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton.

But again his minimal reference to the middle class (the class that does well serving the  upper class like the Clintons’ and Trump’s wealthy administration) highlights the rhetorical  extolling of the virtuous middle class by middle class politicians like Mr. Sanders.

FBI Opened An Investigation Into Jane Sanders At Burlington College
By TrumpResistance
Thursday Apr 27, 2017 · 11:57 PM EST