A Recent Election In France

The lead up to the second round of voting in France’s election got a lot of attention on Toronto television. And today a caption on BNN, Canada’s business station, is saying that the Euro currency rose to celebrate the apparent business friendly winner, but quickly fell back. What I can’t stop thinking about is something I saw on RT, apparently a Russian news program giving Russia’s perspective on France’s election result; though the commentators’ British accents had me wondering whether I was actually viewing a Russian broadcast rather than a British one. The person they were asking questions of,  a French lawyer, seemed pleased with the election result. His explanation for the result highlighted what I’ve come to view as the analysis I’d expect from U.S. media, reminding me of how media’s eventual acceptance of Ms Clinton’s loss to Mr Trump was attributed to her inferior candidacy; so this French lawyer attributed La Pen’s loss to her incompetent candidacy, the kind of image rhetoric media are comfortable with.