Assistant Director McCabe

Whenever I peeked at my CP24 television screen captions, Deputy FBI Director McCabe was reported to have contradicted something that President Trump had said about his reasons for firing Director Comey, and the seriousness of the FBI’s investigation of Russian election skullduggery.

Ever since I read about Mr. McCabe’s wife’s election campaign being funded by the Clinton Democrats last fall I’d assumed that if Trump managed to get elected he might fire McCabe. Guess I was wrong.

(added May 12)What follows is quoted from a MailOnline piece dated May 10, 2017

…Andrew McCabe was appointed as the FBI’s deputy director in January 2016 by Comey. He replaced former Deputy Director Mark Giuliano after he retired.

As deputy director, McCabe oversees all domestic and international investigations by the FBI. So when the agency started investigating Clinton’s secret server, he also oversaw that case

He is currently under review by the Justice Department Inspector General for his involvement in the Clinton investigation because of his wife’s ties to associates of the former presidential candidate.

In March, Senator Chuck Grassley, the Republican chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, asked Comey if McCabe would recuse himself from the Clinton investigation, suggesting McCabe faced a possible conflict of interest.

He also asked about McCabe’s role in the Russia probe, whether it ‘raises the appearance of a conflict of interest in light of his wife’s ties with Clinton’s associates’.

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