Doesn’t everyone talk to Russians?

When President Trump was Donald Trump he seemed to get a lot of flack whenever he said Hillary Clinton gave Russia the U.S’s uranium. The only reaction I remember is a condescending reference to “Uranium One” being a Canadian company, without any mention of the fact that it is ” a wholly owned subsidiary of Rosatom,the Russian State Corporation for Nuclear Energy”

Uranium One Inc. is a Canadian-based company and one of the world’s largest uranium producers with a globally diverse portfolio of assets located in Kazakhstan, the United States, Australia and Tanzania. Headquartered in Toronto, Uranium One is a wholly owned subsidiary of Uranium One Holding N.V. which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rosatom, the Russian State Corporation for Nuclear Energy.

Anyone interested in the “Uranium One” link will have to put “Uranium One” into a search box. The URL link does not work today.

Russian Company Buys Majority Interest in American Uranium Mine. Why it Matters

written by Nancy Thorner and Elvira HastyMay 15, 2015

…It so happened that a Canadian company, Uranium One, with little experience in the uranium business, led by a generous Clinton donor, gained a lucrative state in Kazakhstan’s uranium mines.  As a result of transactions beginning in 2009, the Russian state-owned atomic agency, Rosatom, bought a 17% share in Uranium One, which had uranium mines in Wyoming.  This deal required the approval of a number of the U.S. agencies including the State Department under the title of CFIUS (Committee of Foreign Investment in the United States), a small executive task force that evaluates investment transactions by foreign companies in the United States.  The deal was approved in 2010 while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State…

 “Russia took control over 20% of US uranium after Uranium One’s associates made lavish contributions to Clinton Foundation