Section 9 of the U.S. Constitution: Judges, Congress and President

People, especially judges should keep on reading. Video images can be addictive but not printed books.

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Section 9. The migration or importation of such persons as any of the states now existing shall think proper to admit, shall not be prohibited by the Congress prior to the year one thousand eight hundred and eight, but a tax or duty may be imposed on such importation, not exceeding ten dollars for each person.

The above is all that I could find constitutionally relevant to the U.S. president’s much ridiculed travel ban, ridiculed everywhere but communist China and socialist (maybe still communist) Russia. I first sought it when Mr. Trump, during the primaries, threatened banning people from countries he believed encouraged terrorism. Since the Seattle judge has temporarily stopped President Trump’s stopping immigrants from  entering the U.S.A., I had expected that his ruling would be based on the above pasted Section 9 of the U.S. constitution. And now that his ban has been stopped by a judge my…

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Media and The American Constitution

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In recent months I’ve noticed virulent criticism of media expressed by Republican candidates for president of the United States and echoed by online comments; so everyone knows that few like the media, or Donald Trump; so say online media. Recently
media have referred to Mr. Trump’s willingness to stop accepting new citizens to the U.S.A. unconstitutional which to me means that words in the U.S. constitution prohibit U.S. politicians from imposing limits on anyone not born in the U.S.A. from entering that country. The text of the U.S. constitution is online so that all journalists could consult it to see whether they can say that limiting access to the U.S. A. is unconstitutional or not. Here is all that the U.S. constitution has to say about people entering the United States in Article I

…Section 9. The migration or importation of such persons as any of the states now existing…

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Has anyone read the U.S. constitution?

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‘“Clearly, we have a President who does not understand what our Constitution is about, what democracy is about. And I think there is a fear in this country of this nation under Trump moving into a more authoritarian mode,” Mr Sanders said.”

If the judgements suspending President Trump’s executive order to delay entry to the U.S. from 7 countries deemed a source of hostility to the U.S. by the Obama administration*, supported only by companies whose employees might be affected by the immigration ban and without reference to a specific text in the U.S. Constitution seem Constitutional to Mr. Sanders, then Mr. Sanders also ‘ “does not understand what our Constitution is about” ‘.

*In December 2015, President Obama signed into law a measure placing limited restrictions on certain travelers who had visited Iran, Iraq, Sudan, or Syria on or after March 1, 2011. Two months later, the Obama administration…

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‘Steve Jobs: “People Don’t Read Anymore.”‘

The above was a response to a search for “Do people read?” a search based on my belief that fewer people read books. The first set of responses I got were that reading has increased astronomically from 1945 until now that appeared among headers about self publishing reminding me of a disagreement with a friend about to publish a book last year who was adamant that he knows a lot of people who read. I argued that I was basing my opinion that fewer people are reading on my experience at University of Toronto libraries. When I was a student I always had to line up to check out books: today I never see anyone checking out books at any time of year, even at the automated book checkout machines.

For some years  I’ve seen few individuals at the numerous reading/study carrels on any floor of the multi-floored stacks while the main floor computers always seemed occupied.

From a personal perspective I’ve come to believe that the only reason to read is the desire to know something, despite those big posters with athletes grinning books in hand implying that even non academics read because reading’s fun. I recall a teacher saying that what we study or read should offer an answer to a question that a reader or student might bring to their studies or to the books they are reading.

Sunrise, Suncor, Petro Canada

Today, June, 27, 2013; a BNN broadcaster informed me that Suncor was Canada’s biggest diversified energy company. And I  didn’t believe him. And many perhaps           weren’t paying attention, or many simply believed that Suncor is a Canadian company ( though it left Sunoco in 1995 a descendant of Sun Oil, & currently sells Petro Canada products, and leads the way in mining the tar sands) because TV broadcasters know   more than their audience, or maybe no one cares that Suncor is really a metamorphosis of America’s Sun Oil Company that took over Canada’s Crown Corporation Petro Canada in August 2009.

Anyone wishing to know how Mr. George, originally from Colorado, managed to purchase Canada’s Crown Corporation Petro Canada for Suncor should read Mr. George’s book Sunrise.

Euripides’ Bachae & “The Russian Narrative”

Way back in August 2015 when Donald Trump did his first Republican debate  a  PBS journalist commentator dismissed Trump as not a serious candidate but later absolved himself by confessing that he hadn’t been associating with real people(the Clinton “deplorables”), the “angry white men” who eventually made Donald Trump President Trump. Now after nearly two years of negative journalism, news organizations copying each others’ efforts to destroy the American candidate, now the President of the United States of America, avowed right-winger Rush Limbaugh is surprised that some of his fellow right wingers believe the “Russian narrative”.

But Mr. Limbaugh as a media critic may have overlooked the power media gains over the minds that are within its range through endless repetition of its  depictions of Mr. Trump as arch-villain. He should know that finding a way of avoiding mind numbing mass media assaults by journalist soldiers directed by generals of human psychology could permit more independent thinking. Recently I came to the conclusion that commenters to online news stories may be a better source of  real, unique information than the writers of the media stories themselves.



Matters, Investigations & Queasiness

This morning I’m again seeing mention of my old March 21, 2017 post titled “Comey Testimony”, which contained a link to a transcript of Mr. Comey’s March 20, 2017 congressional interview. The second Comey testimony that I was aware of occurred on May 5, 20017 and was clarified by fellow FBI agents’ letter to congress stating that the FBI head had overstated the number of emails that led to his re-opening the Hilary Clinton email probe a few weeks before the November 9, 2016 election. The third and most recent took place last week, and which everything I read online or saw about it on television  seemed intended to further injure President Trump’s credibility but which revealed that Attorney General Lynch had made Director Comey feel “queasy” by advising him to call the investigation of the Clinton emails a matter and not an investigation, a matter that Democrat  Feinstein thinks congress should investigate.