Does anyone know what’s behind the show?

Today whenever I looked at Canada’s CP24 or BNN television channels, captions such as:

Russia definitely hacked Democrat emails, and attempted to influence the United States election in November, 2016; and Mr. Comey was confused about the reasons for his firing.

even while Mr. Comey was telling about how Attorney General Lynch had made him feel uncertain about how to treat the Clinton email investigation when she advised him to call the email investigation a “matter” and not an “investigation”.

This morning’s important item for Canadians about Canada’s increased military spending  was overridden by Canada’s media’s, including even Canada’s public broadcaster, CBC;  preoccupation with dueling U.S. politicians determining the fates of a former FBI head and a president.

This is what CBC says 52 minutes ago:

Comey testimony enough to spark obstruction case against Trump, Watergate lawyer says

CBC · 52 minutes ago
But this is what The Daily Caller  says under a big picture of Lorretta Lynch:

“Lynch Successfully Pressured Comey To Mislead Public Using Clinton Campaign’s ‘Inaccurate’ Talking Points”

But who reads The Daily Caller, a few right wing Americans maybe. And did you read the stuff President Trump’s lawyer says about the Comey testimony?  Up here in Canada we Know what’s right.