Matters, Investigations & Queasiness

This morning I’m again seeing mention of my old March 21, 2017 post titled “Comey Testimony”, which contained a link to a transcript of Mr. Comey’s March 20, 2017 congressional interview. The second Comey testimony that I was aware of occurred on May 5, 20017 and was clarified by fellow FBI agents’ letter to congress stating that the FBI head had overstated the number of emails that led to his re-opening the Hilary Clinton email probe a few weeks before the November 9, 2016 election. The third and most recent took place last week, and which everything I read online or saw about it on television  seemed intended to further injure President Trump’s credibility but which revealed that Attorney General Lynch had made Director Comey feel “queasy” by advising him to call the investigation of the Clinton emails a matter and not an investigation, a matter that Democrat  Feinstein thinks congress should investigate.