Euripides’ Bachae & “The Russian Narrative”

Way back in August 2015 when Donald Trump did his first Republican debate  a  PBS journalist commentator dismissed Trump as not a serious candidate but later absolved himself by confessing that he hadn’t been associating with real people(the Clinton “deplorables”), the “angry white men” who eventually made Donald Trump President Trump. Now after nearly two years of negative journalism, news organizations copying each others’ efforts to destroy the American candidate, now the President of the United States of America, avowed right-winger Rush Limbaugh is surprised that some of his fellow right wingers believe the “Russian narrative”.

But Mr. Limbaugh as a media critic may have overlooked the power media gains over the minds that are within its range through endless repetition of its  depictions of Mr. Trump as arch-villain. He should know that finding a way of avoiding mind numbing mass media assaults by journalist soldiers directed by generals of human psychology could permit more independent thinking. Recently I came to the conclusion that commenters to online news stories may be a better source of  real, unique information than the writers of the media stories themselves.