Canada Day

Canada day,a media day: a giant rubber duck day and morter-like pounding flares, Explosions with more oomph than those sissy-light sparklers tiny paper school houses burning, lady fingers crackling every chilly May Victoria Day. Canada day flags unfurled, flung quivering, over rails, Missals shot exploding high into the night for nearly a week. Advertisements

Military Commanders

News reports about transgender recruits puzzle me. Cp24 told me that the majority of Americans think that transgender people should be accepted by the military. I also read a bit of a speech by General Kelly about to become White House chief of staff who decries the fact that less than 1 % of Americans … More Military Commanders

So where’s the real fight, in Washington, East Europe, the Pacific or the globe?

Today my all day CP24 local traffic, sports and weather television station, a Canadian  medium, is keeping up with the Trump-Russia conspiracy in telling us 6.00 am sleepy heads that Mr. Trump’s son-in-law, son and former campaign director will appear before a U.S.A. congressional intelligence committee next week because they’d met with nefarious Russians. When … More So where’s the real fight, in Washington, East Europe, the Pacific or the globe?

Law and Human Rights

Today Canada’s Federal opposition party leader wants to reach out to the American family who allegedly lost a member in Afghanistan to a young dual Canadian citizen who has been judicially awarded several million dollars from the government of Canada’s ruling party for not upholding the dual citizen’s human rights while he was being held … More Law and Human Rights

Media distorts Pope’s words out of context.

This link-header’s been in the Drudge Report for 2 days. I’d have thought that the Drudge right wingers would’ve provided the context that’s revealed if you open it. Without context it looks as though the Pope is condemning America through Mr. Trump’s G 20 actions. “Pope Francis Says America Has ‘a Distorted Vision of the … More Media distorts Pope’s words out of context.