Edison Hotel

I hate to admit it but I don’t recall any performers who played on the stage of the Edison Hotel. I remember sitting in the audience in front of the stage of the Edison Hotel at Yonge and Gould where I used to drink beer between sets probably in the men’s room, but I can’t recall specific names or faces. I think the stage might have been in another room, the ladies’ lounge maybe. I used to think the Edison had mostly country music; though I recall a time when they brought in some Rhythm and Blues groups, maybe The Jolly Jacks who’d played The Zanzibar. A few days ago drummer Sonny Milne mentioned that he’d played the Edison. But all in all The Edison Hotel, the place, and its beverage room I knew like I knew the houses on my own residential street. Maybe my not having played there has left the stage a memory blur.

The author of Willowdale Grafitti seems to be familiar with the guys who played the Edison.



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