Where is Canada?

I just finished re-publishing an April, 2017 article that I introduce by suggesting that America and Canada exist in an old dream. The old  Tim Horton dream image is one I’m reminded of whenever I see a Tim Horton coffee cup blowing onto my front lawn. And since M3 Capitol down in Brazil has bought Tim Horton and Burger King,
television commercials, and global business reports make it difficult to forget that Tim Horton’s is alleged to be an aggressive Canadian fast food chain almost like MacDonald’s, but as Canadian as Suncor as Petro Canada as the Hudson’s Bay Company and Sax Fifth Avenue.

But that’s what citizens of this new Canada are encouraged to think. I recall an apparent young Canadian condescendingly informing a new Canadian arrival that a real Canadian refers to that string of doughnut and coffee franchises as “Timmy’s” not Tim Horton’s.
I wonder how Tim Horton might have reacted to seeing his name become an icon of Canadianism. Horton was a Toronto Maple Leaf, a defenceman, from the days of Foster Hewitt and the six team NHL. I don’t know how he got the idea that he should get into the coffee and doughnut business; I’ll assume that hockey players of his day needed income during the off-season. Shortly after establishing the franchise, his wife inherited then sold it. Tim Horton’s was recently bought by that Brazilian investment group M3 Capitol who seem to be making it a rather aggressive global player.