No one told me about the January climate report till August

I was up too early this morning at 4:45 am so I looked up Scarborough’s weather on my Ipad 2. I opened a link to a Draft Report saying that man-made global warming once just a prediction is now upon us. The Report, dated  August 7, 2017 is from the New York Times.

About an hour later I visited my PC and the Drudge Report where I opened a story about how the NY Times’ August 7 article about the Draft Report had been 6 months late as the Draft Report had been online since January 2017. When my Scarborough weather data page introduced the Draft Report linked to the New York Times, I believed that the Draft Report was breaking news which as I eventually learned was untrue. I wondered how I could  not have known about the dire warnings of this 6 month old document especially when the U.S. administration had withdrawn from the Paris climate agreement in June and people like Mr. Gore who were opposed to America’s withdrawal from the climate accord had the overwhelming evidence in this scientific report that man was responsible for  earth’s record high temperatures and changing hurricane and rainfall patterns?