Bully Narcissist Liar

“Bully” “Narcissist” “Liar” *Narcissist has become a popular journalistic epithet used often by Trump critics presumably from the left. I’ve also seen it used by Rush Limbaugh lambasting President Obama from the right. *Bully is a popular epithet even outside journalism; the word used to be spoken in reference to schoolyard incidents; now everyone charges anyone who seems bossy especially in the office with acting like a “bully”. In the quotation below Trump, not for the first time, is being charged from the left with being a bully. And this morning I read that hollywood actors bullied Trump:
“Zoe Saldana says ‘cocky and arrogant’ Hollywood actors ‘bullied’ Donald Trump during the election”.*Liar is another word that has recently almost obliterated that old verbal weapon racist. It was brought into the spot light by the show “Matilda” where it is angrily repeated like a choral chant. And I remember Donald Trump used to refer to Mr. Cruz a fellow Republican(the right) as Lyin’ Ted.


Donald J. Trump is a bully, a narcissist, and a liar. After Lewis said that he was not a “legitimate president,” the notoriously thin-skinned President-elect tweeted false information about Lewis’ congressional district and claimed that Lewis was “all talk” and “no action.”