Red Buttons

So far only Canadian politicians and BNN journalists are wearing plastic poppies 12 days before the January 11 Remembrance Day that they represent.

Little red buttons in a row
adorn little faces.

Oblivious it seems to the regimented symbolism
of those little red emblems
placed neatly across the screen

like crosses
in memory of names lost in forgotten battles.

Plastic poppies obediently placed in electronic fields
under little faces.

What a difference a few hours make.

Just left Rush Limbaugh crowing on October 27, 2017 online over the false dossier and a headline he quotes saying the Russia-Trump probe is finished. But by Friday the evening of the 27 of October Mueller’s office announced grand jury indictments. Since then everything I’ve seen concerning the President seems a gleeful anticipation  of the indictments and which of the presidents supporters might be getting arrested. Britain’s The Guardian says”Amid reports that the first arrests in Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election were imminent,”
On October 26 NBC says “Yes, the Russia-Trump investigation is real — even when you exclude the Steele dossier”
And Yahoo News today, October 29, 2017 is keeping up with the anticipation of whom of Mr. Trump’s associates might get arrested for colluding with Russia and get up to maybe 40 years in jail.

Washington (AFP) – Washington was abuzz this weekend over reports that a grand jury has charged at least one person stemming from the US probe of Russia’s attempts to tilt the 2016 presidential elections in Donald Trump’s favor.


1 CAD = 0.802969 USD(6:00 am, October 19,2017)

BNN has stopped providing interest rate numbers, and in the past 3 days the Loonie value in US dollars.

To a non- finance person, interest rate and Canada/US dollar amounts are the most important barometers of our Western economies.

Gold and oil prices are still given: The fluctuating value of gold usually indicates interest rate fluctuations. When the price of gold rises, interest rates decline. When the price of oil rises the value of Canada’s currency trends higher. In recent weeks I’ve read oil use had reached a 2 year high reflected in a steady over $50. per barrel world price. Correspondingly the Loonie rose from about 74 cents USD to 82 cents then fell back to about 80 cents as oil stopped its rise remaining over $50 per barrel while Canada’s Loonie has been hovering around 80 cents

Today is December 9,2017.

Shortly after my complaint that Canada U.S. currency numbers had not appeared on BNN for several days the currency numbers reappeared. But my favorites, the interest rate figures, have not; so I have to rely on fluctuations in the gold price to guess which direction rates are heading. For some time gold has hovered around $ 1270. an ounce, and rates have stayed correspondingly steady. Yesterday the gold price seemed to fall bellow what its been for weeks now. I haven’t bothered to find yesterday’s interest rate figures online, presuming there likely will not be much change since Canada’s central bank just decided not to raise overnight rates above 1%, which likely means that all western world central bankers have agreed to keep rates as they are until something happens in the bond market.


A Moment

Weaving a web of intricate design
Over air
A spider frames space;
Under shadows, a cat stalks his prey.

Watching the night
We wait
Soon the sky will speak.

A cricket chirps and the silence sings;
Near the moon a moth flicks its wings
As gauze of Selena drifts over earth
Smiling Phoebus reclines on his well-wrought bed

Watching the night
We wait
Soon the sky will speak.

One More Lie

“Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal


“Those Jobs are gone for good.”

That’s what Republican Mr. McCain said on one of those Sunday talk shows when he was running for president and tripping to the Middle East with ex Democrat Mr. Joe Lieberman during the “Arab Spring”. Former Democrat Mr Trump says you can bring those jobs back, sounding like Jay Gatsby saying “bring back the past?” – “Oh yes you can”.

A Face

Media is transfixed by a preoccupation with physical appetite: online images of people are captioned with words like you should see her now as though physical desirability is the measure of a person’s value. Mr. Weinstein’s images introduced in recent days have been my introduction to a person I hadn’t known existed  before his face appeared everywhere my online search engine took me. The images are mostly of just his troubled face, only happy when depicted with other people: actors and actresses and politicians like the Clintons, the Obamas.

Yet no one appears to have bothered to know the person behind the mask,  left to act on his compulsion for 30 years they say,  like a child doing as he’s inclined, enjoying his company in photographed social limelight but never saying what many had known. Only Mr. Trump admitted to knowing when he was reported to have said he wasn’t surprised at what the person he’d known for a long time had been accused of. Others who’d enjoyed his company and support waited a couple of days to say they were shocked at the behaviour of the man they’d known since long before I was confronted by online pictures of that face.