Red Buttons

So far only Canadian politicians and BNN journalists are wearing plastic poppies 12 days before the January 11 Remembrance Day that they represent.
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1 CAD = 0.802969 USD(6:00 am, October 19,2017)

BNN has stopped providing interest rate numbers, and in the past 3 days the Loonie value in US dollars. To a non- finance person, interest rate and Canada/US dollar amounts are the most important barometers of our Western economies. Gold and oil prices are still given: The fluctuating value of gold usually indicates interest rate … More 1 CAD = 0.802969 USD(6:00 am, October 19,2017)

A Moment

Weaving a web of intricate design Over air A spider frames space; Under shadows, a cat stalks his prey. Watching the night We wait Soon the sky will speak. A cricket chirps and the silence sings; Near the moon a moth flicks its wings As gauze of Selena drifts over earth Smiling Phoebus reclines on … More A Moment