1 CAD = 0.802969 USD(6:00 am, October 19,2017)

BNN has stopped providing interest rate numbers, and in the past 3 days the Loonie value in US dollars.

To a non- finance person, interest rate and Canada/US dollar amounts are the most important barometers of our Western economies.

Gold and oil prices are still given: The fluctuating value of gold usually indicates interest rate fluctuations. When the price of gold rises, interest rates decline. When the price of oil rises the value of Canada’s currency trends higher. In recent weeks I’ve read oil use had reached a 2 year high reflected in a steady over $50. per barrel world price. Correspondingly the Loonie rose from about 74 cents USD to 82 cents then fell back to about 80 cents as oil stopped its rise remaining over $50 per barrel while Canada’s Loonie has been hovering around 80 cents

Today is December 9,2017.

Shortly after my complaint that Canada U.S. currency numbers had not appeared on BNN for several days the currency numbers reappeared. But my favorites, the interest rate figures, have not; so I have to rely on fluctuations in the gold price to guess which direction rates are heading. For some time gold has hovered around $ 1270. an ounce, and rates have stayed correspondingly steady. Yesterday the gold price seemed to fall bellow what its been for weeks now. I haven’t bothered to find yesterday’s interest rate figures online, presuming there likely will not be much change since Canada’s central bank just decided not to raise overnight rates above 1%, which likely means that all western world central bankers have agreed to keep rates as they are until something happens in the bond market.