Time and Sunlight

From a-top the lake’s old hill The view to the sky Appears Blue draped In the sunlight. In the courtyard of Chinese tombs An antique dial Casts a shadow about 2; And through its angular perfection On stone Time slips. Beneath apple smells Amidst conversation Timed to a restless horse rhythm And the longing to … More Time and Sunlight


It was about this time last year that you threaded the yellow-green banana peppers and strung them across the wooden spice cabinet over the old gas stove. As the weather grew colder we watched them wither one by one, turn orange-yellow and finally, a crisp Chinese red. You picked the last two in January when … More A YEAR

Hot/Jaw Dropping Journalism

I just read an outburst by a female journalist calling the U.S. president a pig for his negative comments about female journalists appearance. Online journalists have depicted women’s attributes in purely physical terms raving about how certain women have looked or how they may be smokin’ hot or similarly degrading epithets that encourage people like … More Hot/Jaw Dropping Journalism

Russia, Arabia & Israel

Now that President Trump has fulfilled a major but puzzling campaign promise for Jerusalem, I’m reminded of Soviet Russia’s and Saudi Arabia’s  consenting to the establishment of the State of Israel despite the foreboding of some Iraqi Jews back in the 1940’s.