…There are so many Democrats running for Congress in some districts that they could split the votes in the June 5 primary and send two Republicans to the November election, thanks to California’s top-two primary system. Democrats need 24 seats to reclaim the majority in the U.S. House — and are putting money and attention toward 10 California contests. In other words, every race matters…

This quote from the LA Times returns that bewildering state of affairs to mind that I witnessed during Toronto’s last municipal election after the anti drug-squad councilors and media removed a democratically elected mayor before an elected politician’s term should end  according to Ontario’s Municipal Election Act. Every day during that campaign a new councilor candidate’s sign went up. I thought I knew that a woman whose sign had been up from the campaign’s first days would win or maybe the lady who’d won once before. But to my surprise the man who’d held that office for at least 20 years won probably because the ladies I thought should win along with the growing mob of surprise candidates split the votes letting the older time-honoured candidate run up the middle and win.

The mayoralty candidates were as numerous as my local councilor hopefuls. I still don’t know who all the candidates were. When the campaign for mayor started I knew the names of the few who wanted to replace the man who’d been illegally removed. But people just kept appearing. The last televised debate looked like a banquet setting reminding me of the first Republican debate in 2015 when there were so many candidates that two debates were held on the same date.

Political Correctness, Fear & Freedom

when I first spotted an article on The Drudge Report page that said Rush Limbaugh an apparent supporter of President Trump, champion of free speech and of anti political correctness(circumspect disciplined speech) saying that the president should not have said that Mr.Mueller’s indicting 13 Russian citizens for undermining U.S. elections had proven that he himself was not guilty of using Russians to help him become president. To convince me that Limbaugh’s fears were well founded, a  journalist saw the president’s exoneration comments as Mr. Limbaugh had. But  I soon realized that the president being against politically correct speaking spoke as he has always been reported to have done “off the top of his head” or from the bottom of his gut, on impulse because his impolitic speech is not disciplined by fear of imagined consequences.

The Truth About Malmo Sweden

I just read a Fox News sponsored article by a former Republican assistant secretary of state on the firing of Mr. Macabe and the truth.

The Toronto Star has had a reporter with the expertise and wisdom to catch all  of President Trump’s lies.

Two days, 23 false claims from Donald Trump — including one spectacular lie

Now ever since the president as candidate stuck his head into the open it has been the target of journalist  barbers ready to trim his orange hair and muzzle his  big mouth because it spews lies. The Toronto Star reporter noted above spotted 23 false claims exiting Mr. Trump’s mouth in 2 days.

One of the first journalists to notice the president’s lack of honesty was a New York Times reporter reviewing the first Republican debate on PBS who questioned the then candidate Trump’s sincerity in running for office. Once it became apparent that the president really wanted to be president, that same New York Times journalist wrote an apology of sorts for his inaccurate, uninformed, unwise assessment of Mr Trump’s candidacy by explaining that he had been too aloof – rather disinclined to associate with those, another Toronto Star reporter, denigrated as people Mr. Trump would not permit to work among his other servants, the “deplorables” as Ms. Clinton labeled them. But despite his inexperience in associating with this crowd our apologetic NYT sophisticate warned that Mr. Trump the candidate was a deceiver, in other words a liar.

Since I read that apology nearly 2 years ago I began watching out for Mr. Trump’s deceptions, his lies, as The Toronto Star reporter calls them. The first really big fib seemed to have popped up in February 2017 at a press conference when he said that Sweden had been experiencing problems with Moslem migrants. I remember the ridicule that lambasted the president’s  Trumpian claim. For at least two days my CP24 channel offered non-stop video’s of Swedish authorities  gleefully heaping scorn on Trump and his claims that Sweden had problems with Moslems. I saw and heard so much of this ridicule for nearly 48 television hours that I began to believe that President Trump’s assertions about Sweden were  likely the result of misinformation: he said he’d learned about Sweden’s troubles on television. But wanting to understand the enormity of the days-long ridicule the president’s Sweden statements had evoked, I did an Online search and learned of Malmo and Gotham Sweden’ and  that Gotham Sweden was considered the most segregated city in Europe and that Malmo Sweden was  such a concern outside North America that my WordPress blogs about Sweden’s migrant difficulties elicited searches for the “truth about Malmo”, a place I wouldn’t have known existed if President Trump hadn’t vaguely referred to Sweden’s migrant problems.

If the president has been “guilty as charged” by that watchful Toronto Star journalist keeping track of his lies: then the president’s comments about Sweden must have seemed the most “spectacular” of his lies. Of course no journalists online or on television apologized for the media barrage of mockery and misinformation that must have permitted anyone within range of English media to believe that Sweden is without migrant problems and that President Trump is the greatest of  liars.

For readers words say more than pictures.

In recent years when I’ve opened an online journalist’s newspaper report I’ve been unable to close the videos purportedly representing the text I’m trying to read. Often, unable to read the text because of the impossible-to-close videos, some of which are mindless junk promotions,  I just close the page assuming that regardless of header topic, that article was bate for a trap to get me to view advertisements and forget about the real public concerns that I expected the text to illuminate.

The L.A. Times may have a reason:

“Fake videos are on the rise. As they become more realistic, seeing shouldn’t always be believing”

The Idealist

My pockets jingle with change, silver dollars

And gold amulets.

My fingers glisten with diamonds

And delicious amethysts.

My home is a private store

For precious artifacts: paintings and more: –

In short, I possess all that’s prized

For its potential invisibility:

Its infinite perfectability

As currency.