…There are so many Democrats running for Congress in some districts that they could split the votes in the June 5 primary and send two Republicans to the November election, thanks to California’s top-two primary system. Democrats need 24 seats to reclaim the majority in the U.S. House — and are putting money and attention … More

Political Correctness, Fear & Freedom

when I first spotted an article on The Drudge Report page that said Rush Limbaugh an apparent supporter of President Trump, champion of free speech and of anti political correctness(circumspect disciplined speech) saying that the president should not have said that Mr.Mueller’s indicting 13 Russian citizens for undermining U.S. elections had proven that he himself … More Political Correctness, Fear & Freedom

For readers words say more than pictures.

In recent years when I’ve opened an online journalist’s newspaper report I’ve been unable to close the videos purportedly representing the text I’m trying to read. Often, unable to read the text because of the impossible-to-close videos, some of which are mindless junk promotions,  I just close the page assuming that regardless of header topic, … More For readers words say more than pictures.


SUNLIGHT IN SEPTEMBER The rain’s stopped, And the cooling air In a rush against yellowing leaves Sends the setting sun Shimmering and blinking through the curtains.

The Idealist

My pockets jingle with change, silver dollars And gold amulets. My fingers glisten with diamonds And delicious amethysts. My home is a private store For precious artifacts: paintings and more: – In short, I possess all that’s prized For its potential invisibility: Its infinite perfectability As currency.