Politicians get votes; rulers get the goods.

Who are the “deep state”? Are they Democrats? Are they Republicans? Who are they? Read the Benghazi Report and the budget President Trump didn’t veto, Who benefits Republicans? Democrats? President Trump? journalists? voters?

War Weapons

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I’ve been on the look out for online articles about President Trump’s striving to increase military spending to “make America great again”, and Canada’s increasing its military spending to keep everyone peaceful, but if anyone has anything to say about these increased weapons of war expenditures, they’re not saying it or have had their views buried under concerns about spying and American politicians’ fraternizing with Russians.

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A non-scientist, I have neither seen nor heard a serious effort to explain the meaning of “e” equals “m” times “c” square/ energy = mass times the speed of light multiplied by the speed of light. To me this formula attributed to A. Einstein says that mass and energy are equal. Since no visible object is motionless all objects have varying degrees of energy dependent upon their velocity; for mass and energy vary according to an object’s speed/velocity/movement.Visible objects with very little energy move much slower than the speed of light. Objects traveling at the speed of light 30,000 kilometers a second, the fastest velocity possible have an infinite mass and are infinitely inert. They become immovable and motionless. A clock moving at the speed of light would stop; a ruler traveling at the speed of light would shorten and disappear.

Ronald C. Lasky, director of the Cook Engineering Design Center at Dartmouth College, explains the significance behind this hallowed equation:

It is the most famous equation in the world. Many can recite it—and attribute it to Albert Einstein—but few know its significance.

It tells us that mass and energy are related, and, in those rare instances where mass is converted totally into energy, how much energy that will be. The elegance with which it ties together three disparate parts of nature—energy, the speed of light and mass—is profound…

I’ve got a secret and it’s “x”squared.

And what does “in vacuo” mean?

Why do scientists hide their theories under the square root signth?

Is it because they can’t be bothered revealing precise numbers?  If “x”= 100, the square root of x is 10. If x = c and c = the speed of light at 300,000 kilometers a second, then the square root of c2 is c which is 300,000 kilometers a second.

Why do scientists obscure numbers by squaring them? Is it because they can’t be bothered writing out complete numbers? 10 squared is 100; 100 squared is 10,000. We’ve heard that e=mc2. But can anyone explain the meaning of c2, how it makes sense to exceed the limiting unvarying velocity of light(in vacuo) by multiplying it by itself: 300,000 x 300,000 = 900,000,000,000 nine hundred billion miles per second a number greater than the assumed age of the earth.

And what does “in vacuo” mean? Albert Einstein takes care to specify “in vacuo” whenever he refers to the constancy of light’s velocity implying that when light travels through Aristotle’s space where “Nature” disallows bodiless openings like vacuums that might permit light’s constancy or Galileo’s bodies of various dimensions and mass to fall to the earth at the same rate.

Toronto’s Secret

Toronto's Secret The Book

Here is yesterday’s post. I finally think I understand how difficult it is to communicate online. I don’t like email and I’m certain I’m not alone in this regard. But I struggled to write this book and make it available to anyone interested in its contents, contents largely about experiences I recalled to challenge rehashed commentary about me and groups I’d played in.

Peter De Remigis Toronto’s Secret

Toronto’s Secret tells its author’s experience drumming in Toronto bands when Rock and Roll and Rhythm and Blues were indistinguishable and still swinging.

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Having been an online reference source for a number of of publication, Toronto’s Secret recalls the fortunes of Canadians who came together in the
city of Toronto at the…

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