Do people hate people?

December 12, 2013

Two problems have emerged in the years since the 1970’s through the oil embargo driven depression of the early 1980’s in North America: diminishing opportunities for employment and increasing divisions among national populations where people have come to behave as though “people hate people“. Both of these matters are satirized in the June, 2013 movie The Internship so conspicuously that the movie’s content resists submission to the formal disciplining of a controlling narrative. It exaggerates the clash between know-nothing dinosaur-like older salesmen and the ever on the hair pin of hostility, hip and in tune with technology, intelligent young students, to convey the message that both older workers and youth are losing work to machines, and that people are forfeiting the capacity to respectfully communicate with people.

The movie develops from two middle aged salesmen Nick and Bill being given notice when their boss decides to close his watch distributing company and retire because no one needs watches any more now that everyone has a cell phone to keep time. According to the boss technological advance has made his top congenial watch salesmen dinosaurs as obsolete as the time keeping technology they peddle, for today people prefer interacting with techno devices rather than with human beings:” people hate people”. Desperate for employment the two older salesmen pass an interview for a chance to be an intern at Google. But after succeeding in the interview qualified by phoney university affiliations they must compete for the internship among a vast crowd of bright university students a generation younger than themselves, they learn that only 5% of the competing crowd will be successful. When they are asked to get into groups to compete they are forced into a team of individuals who like themselves have been overlooked by other groups. They of course had not been picked because they looked older than the typical internship applicant; so are forced to join with 4 others whose personal and perhaps racial characteristics have kept them from being selected. We quickly learn that a male Yoyo Santos Asian in appearance seems socially apprehensive because his home schooling has kept him from associating with “people” outside his home and for whom a high five is an expression of hostility. An apparently socially isolated south Asian American female Neha Patel sure of her intelligence but not of her social status mechanically introduces herself in terms implying that she is “hot“. Lyle a four year Google employee and fledgling group manager attempts to overcome the management status barrier between himself and his unemployed partners by ingratiating himself to the older internship candidates and the other socially uncertain group members by babbling in nerdishly hip jargon that he is an old soul of 23. His nervous resume-like speech replete with sexual overtures to Neha angers group member Stuart, who isolated in his intellectual attachment to a hand-held Online device, wants to punch Lyle for referring to himself in the third person, a puzzlingly obscure reason for hostility, demonstrating perhaps that “people [really do] hate people“. Very quickly we learn that what has brought these social misfits together is the desperate chance for employment. So the intelligent Neha. Patel and the dutifully home-schooled Yoyo Santos bluntly say that they’ve learned that today education and intelligence do not guarantee employment.

Of course the internship opportunity, the play area and almost infinite supply of free snacks at Google are fraught, with irony because Google itself is an exaggerated emblem of both the technological advances that have produced the salesmen’s “older” dinosaur like image in a society where “people hate people“ and the ideal work environment. The internship itself is not a job but simply the opportunity for employment that may not materialize. And Mr. Chetty, the man directing, the internship applicants is himself an “older “ worker and like the two salesmen has had to struggle to be among the 5% of successful job seekers.


In Canada we have a minister of infrastructure. And a couple of days ago I heard somebody on my television saying something significant about infrastructure, and some weeks ago they said something about pot hole repairs. And where I have to drive to get to groceries I’m afraid of the road that’s full of big car wide dents that must be destroying springs and suspension in the passing lane that merges into a single lane with a great big depression as you make a sharp turn where it looks like somebody’s been doing construction for at least a year. And on the way back in the slow lane that merges twice with the passing lane numerous unavoidable pot holes along the curb threaten steering and springs.


Does anyone care?

I’ve been trying to get the latest online opinion about the Macron-Trump relationship and Mr Macron’s claim that he talked Mr. Trump into staying in Syria and presumably using the U.S.A’s military equipment to bomb Syria. Today’s date April 16, 2018 is on the Macron CNN quote below. I first saw the quote yesterday the 15’th. But it is all I could get in response to my Macron, Trump, Syria, search. Most responses are dated 2017, a year older than the-day old one I spotted yesterday. Is there no journalist able to analyse the political intricacies that produced the Friday evening bombing of Syria

Macron says he ‘convinced’ Trump to stay in Syria ahead of strikes

By Devan Cole and Ben Westcott, CNN

Updated 4:44 PM ET, Mon April 16, 2018

But today, April 16, The New York Post says

…Macron said Sunday that he had told Trump that he should keep American forces in Syria for the “long term” after the president suddenly announced in a speech in Ohio last month that he wanted to pull out “very soon,” Reuters reported.

The White House late Sunday released a statement saying that while Trump wants Islamic State terrorists in the country defeated, he also wants the troops to return home…


When the lands of Abraham were made into smaller morsels for reasons lost to politics and punditry

Blind to Britain’s colonial ambitions: its mandate in Mosel, lovers of peace called Prime Minister Blair Bush’s poodle.

Burdened now by parodies of personality: in shackles for the colour of his skin, the style of his hair, the size of his hands, “his smiles, his frowns”

They’ve given him up “to play the fool” for Macron, for France’s defunct Syrian mandate and impoverished Europe’s Imperial dream.


Keeping up with the …

For those aware only of the USA’s, France’s and England’s tearful reaction to Syria’s alleged chemical assault of opponents, Macron’s efforts in directing Mr. Trump’s anger should permit a rational analysis of US policy in Syria and the Middle East. For despite its loss of its colonial mandate to Syrian independence, France likely still has material and cultural interests in Syria that it does not wish to relinquish.

France’s Macron says he persuaded Trump to keep troops in Syria

…While it is unusual for a French president to present himself as driving U.S. policy in military matters in the Middle East, Macron and Trump have developed a friendly relationship over the past year…

What will England and France do?

Since no one on television or online has given an adequate explanation for why the president decided to retaliate against Syria for its alleged chemical attack on its own people ( like Mr. S. Hussain who provoked the invasion of his country, by gassing his own people [ Iraqi Kurds], I’ve decided without expertise to think for myself. Mr. P. Buchanan  before the president led the punitive bombing of Syria believed the president had joined the “war party” but nevertheless should not act against Syria because the USA has no real interest in that country. A Mr. Ellesburg advised the president’s generals to disobey any orders he might give to launch nuclear weapons.

Reviews were televised  last evening immediately after the bombings, replete with polite press questions for 2 US general reviewers, as France’s and England’s military officers stood supportively; and this morning(April 14), a third US general appeared as if to push the president behind the wings overwhelmed by time and nearly lost to memory; though it was seeing him standing before an American flag and raging that made me stop and turn on my tv’s audio to see what was going on.

The three American generals answering journalists’ gentle inquiries neither last night nor this morning  mentioned whether or not America had  interests in Syria saying only that the bombing was designed to make Mr. Assad think twice if he ever again gets the urge to use chemicals on his own people.

But perhaps US interests extend beyond self-interest. Perhaps US interests include Israel’s interests, Saudi Arabia’s interests and Iraq’s interests, countries who’d feel threatened by Syria’s ally Iran. Iran who was at war with Iraq for some years in the 1980’s, and who seems determined to destroy Israel, and who opposes Saudi Arabia where the US has imported energy since the early years of the 20th century. But why were England’s and France’s military made to seem so supportive of this bombing though without evidence that they’d done much more than look supportive.

Russia like Iran is Syria’s ally. When the US and its military relinquish their force in Syria, Iran’s influence must expand with that of Egypt’s old benefactor and Iranian supporter Russia.

So what’s in it for England and France. Well it’s hard to say, other than reminding ourselves that they’ve been in that territory centuries before the US existed and that many in Syria used to speak real good French and maybe still do.

Who’d have known if it weren’t for Media?


“Mayan archaeologists met in Guatemala and confirmed the end date for the Mayan Prophecy is December 21, 2012. That’s when the world will end.”

I think this was the prediction my neighbor informed me of back then, surprised that I hadn’t learned of it in the news.

I recall reading a history book about early English kings during the great plague in England that mentioned someone writing a history of current events wondering if anyone would be alive to read what he was writing. We have another world ending event coming up in a few weeks. And who can forget that dire scientific prediction by our age’s most famous physicist. Did anyone see Ghost Busters 2? Someone predicting the world’s end being interviewed on television was accommodated by the interviewer’s “For your sake” I hope it’s true.

Wikipedia has a near endless list of end of the world predictions dating back to the beginnings of the Roman empire up to the 2020’s

“Mueller Is ‘Going for the Kill'”

“Mueller Is ‘Going for the Kill’ on Trump-Russia Investigation, Republicans Believe: Report”p-

The above headline from a News Week report dated September 12, 2017 is inspired by an Axios report of the same date 7 months ago.

And today April 12,2018, 7 months later a CNN publishing of a President Trump tweet says.

“If I wanted to fire Robert Mueller in December, as reported by the Failing New York Times, I would have fired him. Just more Fake News from a biased newspaper,” Trump tweeted Thursday morning.