We clatter past abandoned campsites
Patches of color amidst summer’s desiccated foliage
Left out like Tuesday’s trash.

Dreaming human rights
Poverty in Guatemala
Injustice in China;

Talking tenderly of puppies.

A “bargaining chip”

…The talks are fluid, and Trump has shown a willingness to veer between extremes in how he interacts with Beijing. But Trump said Sunday on Twitter that he wanted federal regulators to take the unusual step of relaxing penalties on ZTE, even though the Chinese company has been accused of illicitly shipping goods to North Korea and Iran.

What Trump didn’t reveal publicly is how much the company has become a bargaining chip as the White House tries to extract trade-related concessions from China while pushing for cooperation on sanctions against Iran and North Korea, the people said…(Chicago Tribune,May 13,2018)

What-is-the problem?

Deremigi's Blog

January 15, 2015

Today I was reminded of how easy it is to misunderstand a television presentation: in this case a televised press conference about the recently released TDSB Review (Toronto District School Board Review) . Ontario’s minister of education and the person who did the Review said that there was a “culture of fear” among the staff at the TDSB office so pervasive that some senior staff when interviewed for the Review broke into tears. Some fearful of losing their job would not talk to the reviewer. This “culture of fear” as it was dubbed on the CP24 report that I watched seemed a result of staff so fearful of being monitored that some stopped using board communication facilities.

I located an online copy of this “Review of the Toronto District School Board Submitted to the Honourable Liz Sandals, Minister of Education January 15, 2015” and to my chagrin I learned…

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We learn a lot from media.

In Canada, we have a minister of infrastructure and an infrastructure bank. We also have a minister of innovation who just received a belated apology from U.S. immigration for asking him to take off his turban to enter the U.S. from Canada.

In Toronto, Ontario, Canada we have a mayor in charge of traffic planning and spotting vehicles invading from outside the city. Shootings, stabbings and hit and runs  are covered by media.

“The Other Side Of The News”

Wasn’t the playing into Mueller’s hands “Drudge Report” link opening to what Dershowitz said about both the Giuliani-Trump side and the Mueller side kinda  “one-sided”?

Dershowitz…, an opinion contributor for The Hill, said during the NBC interview that Trump’s team is “admitting to enough that warrants scrutiny,” adding that the last few days constitute a “bad week for both sides.”…

The Giuliani-Trump Hypotheses

The Giuliani fiasco has so many subtleties to it, all very speculative and hypothetical, based on allusions to opinions of nameless authorities.

Since these hypothetical consequences and their invisible authorities have spun my efforts to comprehend them into alien galaxies, I have decided to dismiss them because my print-all-negative-stories-about -“Donald Trump”- Cp24-television sports and weather television channel today has broadcast nothing about either Giuliani or Trump.  Again if the Giuliani-Trump caricature were a serious obstacle to the president, I am sure that Cp24, as they have done since 2015, would have been captioning it all day today so that no one could forget or overlook it.