Canada’s Steel Industry

Canada manufactures and exports very little steel. Steel manufactured in Canada is manufactured under the direction of global organizations. Canada sold its steel industry Hudsons Bay, Petro Canada, Tim Hortons and manufacturing companies like Dafasco  years ago. The Steel products that Canada exports comprise steel made and priced by China, the world’s foremost maker and … More Canada’s Steel Industry


Willie was always ready for a laugh as though nothing bothered him. He always seemed to know what was happening especially with pop groups and musicians when Rock and Roll was coming into view. I’ve often wondered if I’d ever’ve taken up drumming if it weren’t for Willie. It was Willie’s idea to start a … More Willie


Say as you please. Just apologize: “CHYRON MALFUNCTION: ABC Apologizes For Graphic Declaring Manafort Pleaded Guilty to Manslaughter”

Canada’s TSX is reaching record highs.

Yesterday all day and the day before BNN interviewers and the financial experts they interviewed spoke grimly about despondent investor sentiment caused by President Trump’s desire to impose tariffs on goods imported into the USA. Today the Toronto stock exchange according to captions appearing on my television screen for the past 2 hours say that … More Canada’s TSX is reaching record highs.

Face Book

PJ media says “Breaking up with Facebook is apparently as difficult as breaking up with a bad boyfriend or girlfriend who won’t accept your decision.” But I had little difficulty getting free. I joined face book briefly when trying to contact an old friend at the other end of Canada. A note came up online … More Face Book

Trade War

The USA dollar is winning the trade war as Trump’s boys clobber the fearful with ever increasing interest rates and energy exports.


In the candle-like Twinkle Of billboards Denying the moon at times, Pretending To be the attraction Like the dressers Promenading in decade-old Daring.