Middle and Investor Class Versus Consumer Class

Wall Street finally taught Zuckerberg the lesson he deserved

I know this is the age of the investor and middle class. But what about the consumer class?


“… Cohen was present at the creation of the bond forged between Trump and this Putin-friendly oligarch…”(thus saith Mother Jones)

If Mr. Trump was so smart why did he get himself a lawyer like Mr. Cohen whose own lawyer is Lanny Davis who I used to see on Sunday talk shows defending Democrats?

And why would President Trump console himself with unintentionally permitting the most recent massive government funding bill by saying that at least a large portion of those funds would be going to the US military/weapons manufacturers? Doesn’t he know that without superior tactics and dedication to a common cause military expenditures just make some people richer.

“Truth” is always on Cohen’s lawyer’s side.

'Truth on our side'...

In a post that I put on WordPress a a few days ago, I wrote that Mr. Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, is one of my old television interviews bad guy: a political operative: everything good said about his side is good; everything against his side bad, a lot like Axelrod the Obama side promoter.

The Danforth

For some years I’ve been learning the importance of motorized vehicles to the human identity. Where I moved to about 20 years ago from Bloor and Yonge, autos with opaquely misted windows keep me guessing about who’s inside, whether they are neighbours or just passers-by. For those same 20 years or so I’ve ridden the Go train to downtown Toronto, sometimes to the downtown intersection that I left. Along the way I’ve passed through the Eglinton, Guildwood, Scarborough and Danforth Go Stations that reveal only the arrival of passengers from neighbourhoods I never see.

Last week for the first time I got off the train at the Danforth station and saw Maine and Danforth for the first time in many hears. I was shocked to see how the people on the street round that intersection had changed from what I recall and how different they seemed from  television portraits of “the Danforth”, a place where people might like to visit for a leisurely stroll, but where I could not get back home from on the Go train fast enough. This morning my television reported the shooting of more than 13 people on “the Danforth”.

There are videos of the shooter.


One More Warning

I hear the end of the world will finally arrive in a few days.

Someone else was reading the Book of Revelations.

Anyone who wants to be really scared should read Isaiah’s prophecies. He catalogues all the effects of our planet’s final days when everything goes dark.

Hitless Followers

Lately I’ve noticed in my inbox what seems a lot, at least more than I used to see of people who say they are following me, and most of these recent followers have something to sell me. And like today they leave no “footprints” among stats of hits: I’ve had no hits/visitors, but two emails telling me of one new follower.


I know people pay money for followers. But I write to be read, not followed.


Political Ambiguity

I know that Republicans are not the majority favorite in the United States. I haven’t forgotten that journalist’s writing about expecting Mrs. Clinton to run for president, well before Mr. Trump got into the contest, saying that he dreaded the thought of voting for her because she’d be followed by one investigation after the other but that Republican policies are so bad that he’d have to vote for her despite the investigations.

So I was only partially surprised when I kept reading reports of Trump’s lawyer having  recorded his privileged conversations with his client, the president; though I was puzzled.

But when I saw the name Lanny, as in Lanny Davis I thought: I know who he is; I used to see him on television as a Democrat operative. To make sure of my recollection I checked Wikipedia which I know publishes facts and sometimes fictions and learned that Lanny Davis was Democrat President Bill Clinton’s lawyer who had befriended Mrs. Clinton at school.

I guess I’ve always wondered why President Trump’s old lawyer would be recording his private legal conversations with his president client, but when I saw that Cohen’s own  lawyer was that man, Lanny, who I used to see on Television then believing he was a Democrat operative, before I knew who Mr Trump was; I can’t help but hypothesize that Mr. Cohen must be another of those undercover Democrats, and that President Trump has no idea who his underlings are or why he’s been hiring them, like Mr. Sessions, Mr Flynn, and maybe Mr, Cohen and even Mr. Kelly and Mr. Pruitt.