Since Mr. Trump stuck his neck out not to say “Your fired!”, but vote for me, media characterizations continue to brand him with every personal offence including his hair style; most positive reports of him come from Fox media which I discount as no less biased than the ones Mr. Limbaugh refers to as “drive … More


“… Cohen was present at the creation of the bond forged between Trump and this Putin-friendly oligarch…”(thus saith Mother Jones) If Mr. Trump was so smart why did he get himself a lawyer like Mr. Cohen whose own lawyer is Lanny Davis who I used to see on Sunday talk shows defending Democrats? And why … More Smart?

Mr. Trump is no dictator.

I think President Trump is more like an appointee than a dictator. I learned this from media stories about some of his advisors that no dictator characterized as the media has characterized Mr. Trump would have chosen.

The Danforth

For some years I’ve been learning the importance of motorized vehicles to the human identity. Where I moved to about 20 years ago from Bloor and Yonge, autos with opaquely misted windows keep me guessing about who’s inside, whether they are neighbours or just passers-by. For those same 20 years or so I’ve ridden the … More The Danforth

One More Warning

I hear the end of the world will finally arrive in a few days. Someone else was reading the Book of Revelations. Anyone who wants to be really scared should read Isaiah’s prophecies. He catalogues all the effects of our planet’s final days when everything goes dark.