I ‘d begun questioning the endless television coverage of the victims of mass killings that made the killer and his motives disappear. So this morning my television informed me that the pope was going to Ireland to console 8 victims of  apparent clerical lust. Then I saw an article online about the pope being asked … More Religion

Thank you

On August 24 I asked a question about a computer for sale    on Amazon. It was an imprecise question about the computer’s capacity for audio production; nevertheless all the answers were still helpful and I am especially grateful to those who answered.      

Dick Taters

A short while ago I’s bin read’ n that Pres Trump was ignorin’ his chief of staff and would fire him, Mr. Kelly that is. And about  when the good general, chief of  staff, signed up for one more go round after months of guesses that he’s bin cling in’ by’z  toe nails to get to … More Dick Taters

Sacrifices and Trades

  Sacrifices and Trades Reviewing a TVO Big Ideas dicussion on Sunday some years ago, I was puzzled by a reference to the idea of sacrifice. I recall that the speaker had drawn attention to the fact that the meaning of sacrifice had become rather obscure to modern man. In order to clarify the significance … More Sacrifices and Trades

Lanny Davis & Mr Cohen

Now when I think the names Lanny Davis and Mr Trump’s lawyer,Mr Cohen, who once would have taken a bullet to protect his old pal Mr Trump, that adage: “With friends like that who needs enemies comes to mind.