Just a lot of “hot air”

Looking online for the source of a August 20 television announcement that Canada’s Prime Minister was getting back into NAFTA negotiations I got this weeks old rallying cry heading a June 20, 2018 Toronto Star article:

“Trudeau urges Canadians to travel and buy Canadian in the face of U.S. trade dispute”.


I have always tried to buy things produced in Canada; but things for sale in stores come from anywhere but Canada. Encouraging people to buy Canadian makes sense only to recent arrivals who don’t understand that since before they were born Canada’s elite have been selling Canadian retailers and manufactures to investors with  American CEO’s like Steve Williams of Suncor (Sun Oil subsidiary) who replaced that other US CEO who in 2009 bought Crown Corporation Petro Canada from Mr Harper  conditioned on its selling gas under the Petro Canada sign.

And more recently Tim Hortons, named after a Toronto Maple Leaf defenceman was bought by investors down in Brazil, And then there’s that old Hudson’s Bay story ( Canada’s? oldest retailer, but no longer Canadian owned and managed