Just a lot of “hot air”

Looking online for the source of a August 20 television announcement that Canada’s Prime Minister was getting back into NAFTA negotiations I got this weeks old rallying cry heading a June 20, 2018 Toronto Star article:

“Trudeau urges Canadians to travel and buy Canadian in the face of U.S. trade dispute”.


I have always tried to buy things produced in Canada; but things for sale in stores come from anywhere but Canada. Encouraging people to buy Canadian makes sense only to recent arrivals who don’t understand that since before they were born Canada’s elite have been selling Canadian retailers and manufactures to investors with  American CEO’s like Steve Williams of Suncor (Sun Oil subsidiary) who replaced that other US CEO who in 2009 bought Crown Corporation Petro Canada from Mr Harper  conditioned on its selling gas under the Petro Canada sign.

And more recently Tim Hortons, named after a Toronto Maple Leaf defenceman was bought by investors down in Brazil, And then there’s that old Hudson’s Bay story ( Canada’s? oldest retailer, but no longer Canadian owned and managed


The Follower

I read online not too long ago, to my surprise, that people paid for online followers. And just a few weeks ago I experienced the truth of that fact.

For a number of years I’ve been getting “garage band” recordings onto my PC via “sound cloud” and keeping them there as private. But because my service provider has decided it doesn’t want my web site any longer, I changed my audio files from private to public, thus exposing my “sounds” to a public most of whom are like me, creators of audio files. I immediately began receiving requests to link to my files in exchange for the chance to get several hundred followers. Weeks later I still have only 6 “soundcloud” followers, nothing like several hundred, but have learned that people really value that follower number; so I’ve become sensitive to the fact that my recent followers on Word Press who’ve managed to get my email address despite my meta data’ stated wishes, are trying to sell me a service, and that many of those recent followers haven’t even read any of my blogs.

Just after publishing this piece I discovered that my stats had indicated that 2 people had liked my previous post, the second one being my most recent follower who I learned of in an email and  thought hadn’t visited my site. I apologize for the oversight. But how did he get my email address? I’ll check my meta data.

But still the same number of visitors are indicated that I saw before the follower’s recent email, 1 for archives and 1 for “vanishing Intellect” despite the 2 like icons, one of which is of my most recent follower.

And I’ve been reminded that I too have become a follower though I can’t remember choosing to be. I’ve always suspected that following is a kind of gimmick to get people to enhance self image and increase prospects.

Human Rights Versus Law

I finally put a Google search in for “law versus human rights” to see what the experts might have put online. Most files seemed to stress a citizen’s rights before the law or attempts to define human rights. So I’ll go back to my old naive view that western laws are based on the moral code of some of “The Bible’s”ten commandments that prohibit killing, stealing or perjurying. Rights seem to have evolved out of the prohibitions of law. The rights of a citizen are designed to protect one from being falsely accused of  doing something prohibited by law. A nation’s laws protect citizens from the injuries caused by actions that the law prohibits. Human rights seem to be international and imply freedom from national law or citizenship. I’ve begun to sense that those who travel from country to country beyond the confines of a citizen’s national legal rights for business, education or employment may with the help of a human rights lawyer assert their international human rights which may be thought to supersede  national law and citizenship. Increasingly Canada’s national government is speaking up for Canadians subjected to the constraints of the laws of the nations that gave birth to dual citizen Canadians, as though a Canadian citizen’s foreign birth place may have laws that interfere with one’s human rights, as though some national laws and systems of justice are intrinsically inferior to Canada’s perhaps because they lack  Canada’s constitutionally guaranteed  “rights and freedoms”.  And in the United States of America President Trump’s effort to enforce laws that enhance the borders of the United States has caused people who travel to their countries of birth and back to their U.S.places of employment and learning appear to have begun asserting their human rights to avoid national immigration law.

Talk About Baloney

“In Canada’s Grocery Carts, a Boycott U.S.A. Movement Starts Rolling”​


I’ve been trying for years to put Canadian-grown produce in my cart; but over the years US and South American produce has all but replaced foods grown here in Canada. Even prices have gotten other worldly if you can find something grown here, like corn: once a staple in Rome then in Victorian England has gone from 10 cobs for  1 Canadian dollar to $1 for one cob in the last 5 years.

Anxiety and “Breaking News”

A lot of “news” just “blows over”; that’s what President Trump’s media coverage has taught me. Maybe that’s how it’s always been: “breaking news” is just for the moment to keep journalists earning their bread and filling consumers’ minds  with anxiety,  like fear of Armagedon over and over again predicted by someone who it’s said reads one of the Bible‘s concluding chapters: the book of “Revelations”, already a stale joke alluded to in Men in Black II when a doom prophet predicting the world’s end  is consoled by a television interviewer’s words: “for your sake I hope you’re right”.