Today Politico seems to be dominating the Drudge Report  with articles leaning Ford word. Advertisements

No Popery!

Watching some of Mr. Kavanaugh’s attempted rebuttal steeped in Catholic references, Dicken’s Barnaby Rudge came to mind and that 1780’s Puritan chant – “No Popery”.

Political Parties

When I was growing up everyone hated communists. We used to have a CCF (Canada Comonwealth Federaration) sign on our front lawn during elections, the only one I’d see walking to school and back between Ossington and Dufferin. Maybe there were more CCF supporters than my father; a working man member of the CCF, the … More Political Parties


I’ve been noticing followers’ numbers increasing with followers who’ve never appeared as viewers of files on my WordPress site. I know about them through emails. How they got my email address I don’t know; I thought I’d requested that no one including purported new followers be given my email address. I’ve been learning that followers … More Followers