Political Parties

When I was growing up everyone hated communists. We used to have a CCF (Canada Comonwealth Federaration) sign on our front lawn during elections, the only one I’d see walking to school and back between Ossington and Dufferin. Maybe there were more CCF supporters than my father; a working man member of the CCF, the working man’s party as he saw it back then. But when I was a kid I thought everyone else was a Liberal or a Progressive Conservative, even though no one seemed middle class like doctors and lawyers. Anyone who might have sympathized with CCF ideas back then likely kept it to themselves for fear of being called a communist like me.

Now with everyone being middle class the CCF’s descendents, the NDP (New Democrat Party)and its supporters, have become middle class; in fact working class as my father and our family saw themselves has become an embarrassment like “the deplorables” down in the states. No, today everyone wants to be middle class answering the phone, telemarketing, unseen behind partitioned cubicles.


I’ve been noticing followers’ numbers increasing with followers who’ve never appeared as viewers of files on my WordPress site. I know about them through emails. How they got my email address I don’t know; I thought I’d requested that no one including purported new followers be given my email address.

I’ve been learning that followers have become a marketable commodity that I have no interest in. Anyone who wants to read my outbursts is free to do so whenever they choose without registering as a follower; and I don’t want to clutter up followers in boxes just because they’ve committed to being followers.

Transfering computer files(September 15,2018)

I had to buy a new computer. The one I used for nine years stopped. I learned that removing its hard disk would allow me to transfer its contents to my new computer. It took me a while to learn that I needed a dock to attach my old disk to and found one for $19.95 US. It took me a few days to learn how to use its program, but I’ve now transferred most of my old computer files to my new computer and now have an extra hard drive (my old hard disk). A few minutes ago I was accosted online by an ad selling a service for either $119.  or a Pro version for $169. that would do what I just finished doing for $19.95.

Computers are now for making money and gathering followers to make even more money. My new computer has me all locked up as a potential consumer with icons cluttering my new drive in hopes that I’ll inadvertently buy something I don’t need so someone I don’t know can profit from my ignorance. Things sure have changed since I bought my first computer in1990.

September 16, 2018

I just replaced “new” for “knew” in  “I learned that removing its hard disk would allow me to transfer its contents to my ‘new’ computer.” I don’t know how my finger pressed “k” before “n”. Maybe those pressures to buy what you don’t want are increasingly accompanied by text programs that anticipate search topics and words that you don’t intend. When editing I’m going to try extra hard to not rely on spell check programs.

Christian Morality

The Roman Catholic church began as a political institution guided by Christianity’s moral code that champions spirit over flesh. Its universal political character is abstracted from the organization and administration of the Roman Empire, a worldly empire transmuted into a transnational spiritual order.  This duality has been in conflict since its earliest days: appointment of bishops by worldly political power opposing appointments by priestly spiritual power, celibacy of clergy countering worldly concerns of family life.

Christianity whose essence is spirit, its symbol a cross symbolizing triumph of the spirit over the body, is ever threatened by its opposite, physical sensation and worldliness.