Jennifer Keesmaat for Mayor

Jennifer Keesmaat is a new name for me. But today I saw 2 people endorsing her as candidate for mayor of the city of Toronto: former chair of Toronto’s Police Services Board and someone heading a Scarborough tenants organization. So far there appear to be only two people running for mayor, one is Jennifer Keesmaat a former city of Toronto official and Toronto’s current mayor John Tory.
I would like to endorse Jennifer Keesmaat to be mayor of Toronto probably because Mr. Tory replaced Mayor Ford who was undemocratically removed from office before his term had ended as stipulated in The Municipal Elections Act of 2006.

Today is September 25; yesterday I finally learned the issue behind the removing of councillors from the GTA government. I believe that Premier Ford’s victory, his successfully eliminating 22 councillors, consolidated the amalgamation of Scarborough Etobicoke and North York with the City of Toronto as The Greater Toronto Area, a reorganization that I must have slept through when I lived at the center of the city of Toronto, but awoke to its effects  as I arrived in the old City of Scarborough.

Luckily Ms Keesmaat  seems stridently against the lessening of councillors. I have, however, learned by robo call that there is at least one more candidate for mayor; and she says she would actually repair roads and public infrastructure.