Rush Limbaugh believes that Mr Trump’s successfully renegotiating NAFTA
fulfilled a major election promise that validated his presidency at the expense of his globalist opponents.

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I wrote what follows way back in 2008 during the Democrat and Republican  presidential primaries. I don’t understand what I meant By “Democrat victor Hillary Clinton” because Obama eventually defeated Clinton (probably reflects the popular inevitability of her beating Obama) and defeated Republican McCain in the 2008 election. The NAFTA issue and the Iraq war were central to presidential politics back then as they are today. Today NAFTA seems even more important because since that 2008 election its helped give life to Donald Trump’s candidacy and the formidable group arrayed against him led by Hillary Clinton whose husband ensured that NAFTA became law.

War, NAFTA and Primary Victors

Wed. March 5, 2008

On March 4, 2008 the war backers and NAFTA promoters came out on top.

Why do I say that? Well McCain now Republican presidential candidate as a result of his March 4 victories would support the war in…

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