From Fox to AP With the Same Link

President Says Chief of Staff ‘Will Move On’…

Despite what Drudge and Fox want you to see on Nov. 18 in this deceptive use of quotation marks, Mr. Trump really said in the Fox reported interview linked to “will move on” is “move on”:

Trump definitively told Wallace that Chief of Staff John Kelly will “move on” at some point, even as he claimed there was still some chance Kelly will stay with the administration through 2020.

Today November 19, 2018 the AP report linked to the Drudge statement ,” President Says Chief of Staff ‘Will Move On’…” is

“There are a couple of things where it’s not his strength. It’s not his fault it’s not his strength,” said Trump, who assed that Kelly himself might want to depart.

Look between the closed quotation marks “”. In today’s November 19’s AP version they do not enclose Trump’s saying that Kelly might resign his post as chief of staff. Yesterday’s November 18 Fox version quotes only the phrase “move on”.