America’s Limits of Power

September 25, 2013

In 2013 when Mr. Obama was president I learned that limits of power has been a central notion of debate among the West’s writers and thinkers. In a 2010 article from the Economist entitled “Limits of Power” and a Mar 23, 2011 article published by the Cato Institute headed “Understanding the Limits of American Power”  discussion of limits in America’s  power may actually reveal America’s slowly developing new foreign policy. The US’s threatening retaliation against Syria for weeks then almost over night, then almost gleefully accepting the plan for Syria to formally reveal its chemicals to the world may not demonstrate Mr. Obama’s uncertain foreign policy, but may permit voters to get used to their administration’s acting on its own real interests informed by the limitations of its ability to further the interests of other nations.

And now 5 years later in December 2018 President Trump’s withdrawing America’s forces from Syria may be seen as a further step in America’s acknowledging the limits of its power

Trump, Mattis & Gender Dysphoria

Trump also chafed at the Pentagon’s slow response to his order to ban transgender people from serving in the military. That effort has stalled due to multiple legal challenges.

What is quoted above from an AP article dated “yesterday” leaves out General Mattis’        notion of “gender dysphoria” and had to be quoted word for word from that AP article because it could not be copied and pasted.

Secretary Mattis was reported on March 23, 2018 in to have written a memo disqualifying those with transgender dysphoria from serving with the U.S military.

The White House memo, released late Friday night, highlights recommendations from Defense Secretary Jim Mattis that individuals with a history or diagnosis of gender dysphoria be barred from serving, saying these people “may require substantial medical treatment, including medications and surgery.”


Tony Burman – Foreign Affairs Columnist


© BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI U.S. President Donald Trump has consistently waved off evidence that he or his campaign has had contacts with Russians. But the Robert Mueller probe is showing those denials to be flimsy, writes Tony Burman.

The items pasted above appear online under Toronto’s media group, The Toronto Star. As has become typical these items have no date; its time “16 hrs ago” is therefore meaningless. Without a date no news item can be verified.

More fantasy from the UK media


Nasa admits ‘tiny super-intelligent’ aliens may have ALREADY visited Earth – and says some UFO sightings ‘cannot be explained or denied’

A top Nasa scientist said the space agency needs to be “more aggressive” in the hunt for alien life

Again I visited the NASA site to check the veracity of this science fiction-like report from the UK’s The Sun and did a search for “aliens” because there was nothing on NASA’s home page about “aliens”

This NASA link was the result of my “aliens” search in NASA’s topics <category:;

Why does Drudge Report keep displaying these science fiction-like UK  media fantasies and use NASA as their source?

Doesn’t anyone read “critically” or just plain read?

Seeking Sources/Contacts

I think almost everyone who has the temerity to voice an opinion says uncomplimentary things about politicians. Whenever anyone complains about politicians: they are put in their place with: you voted for them  in a free election. It’s as though real speech, not advertising or gun ownership, is stifled by allusions to freedom

But I’ve begun to suspect; though maybe things have been going this way since before I was born, that real action takes place beyond the video images of celebrating winners of elections, maybe where the money comes from to broadcast celebrations and promote the fortunes of one candidate against the foibles of another: hero versus villain.

So maybe displeasure with politicians is misdirected.  My experience attempting to get information from politicians at the municipal and provincial levels of elected government  has been futile. Information I thought would be easy to get at the municipal and provincial levels seemed as challenging to our local elected officials as its been to me. Eventually I learned that my elected officials relied on the same source of company information as I had to, a blurb about improving services.

Change, Robots, and a more affordable Labour Pool

I keep hearing that people lose jobs because of advances in technology: shiny metal robots are replacing working class muscle and female allure. Change is everywhere so rapid that humans can’t keep up and pretty girls fall to the wayside; North American auto makers like GM lose market share to makers from Japan and  Korea. Piano builders move to China in a big factory where other people make all North America’s big name grands, like Canada’s Heinztman , that you still can buy here if you wait for it to be shipped to BC from where it’s manufactured in China.

And where is that steel made that the US wants to tariff since Canada and the US closed their mills decades ago?

And everyone knows where the US’ Apple, at one time the largest capitalised company in America, makes its products.

And has anyone ever seen those electronic products we used to think they made only here like televisions and stereo equipment. All those jobs were shipped to Asia before a lot of people were born.