Seeking Sources/Contacts

I think almost everyone who has the temerity to voice an opinion says uncomplimentary things about politicians. Whenever anyone complains about politicians: they are put in their place with: you voted for them  in a free election. It’s as though real speech, not advertising or gun ownership, is stifled by allusions to freedom

But I’ve begun to suspect; though maybe things have been going this way since before I was born, that real action takes place beyond the video images of celebrating winners of elections, maybe where the money comes from to broadcast celebrations and promote the fortunes of one candidate against the foibles of another: hero versus villain.

So maybe displeasure with politicians is misdirected.  My experience attempting to get information from politicians at the municipal and provincial levels of elected government  has been futile. Information I thought would be easy to get at the municipal and provincial levels seemed as challenging to our local elected officials as its been to me. Eventually I learned that my elected officials relied on the same source of company information as I had to, a blurb about improving services.