One More Lie

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“Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal By JO BECKER and MIKE McINTIRE APRIL 23, 2015″ ? On March 3, 2017, I copied the headline above published by the New york Times because it indicates that President Trump has been aware of suspicions surrounding Ms. Clinton’s dealings…

Russia & Uranium

Originally posted on Deremigi's Blog:
…The Canada-based company Uranium One controls roughly 20 percent of U.S. uranium production capacity. Russia’s nuclear energy agency purchased Uranium One in stages between 2009 and 2013. Since uranium is vital to national security, the U.S. government had to approve this purchase. The State Department and eight other government…


Sun wallowing bellow the horizon You drove against our first torrent of snow; Snow that outlasted a mid-winter thaw Then icy rains that sealed it into slippery mounds, Until now: a week before spring. Waking plants keep trying to see the sun.      

It’s My Party!

Every time I see a header in the Drudge report I check to see who’s sponsoring it. I ignore everything from The New York Times, The  Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, CNN and Breibart.Though some may get me hooked by their header before I think of checking their media sponsor. I also … More It’s My Party!


This morning I was checking my YouTube video of my DIY Italian style harpsichord to see how often it’s been viewed.  A Deremigis  search usually brings it up along with an increasing number of  files containing De Remigis’s I didn’t know existed before the invasion of  mass marketing computer search engines. But today as I … More Rameau

Dundas and Spadina

In China Town’s Teaming, sun-steamed streets, Oriental ladies Trundle Chinese-charactered plastic bags Weighted strait down To their shuffle stepping feet Under eyes as implacable as stars.

Now comes spring Hear it ring against the walk: April’s spray Splashing tender shoots to summer roots, Rising green on blue, And waving warm in a glory of gliding gold.