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“Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal

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Sun wallowing bellow the horizon

You drove against our first torrent of snow;

Snow that outlasted a mid-winter thaw

Then icy rains that sealed it into slippery mounds,

Until now: a week before spring.

Waking plants keep trying to see the sun.




It’s My Party!

Every time I see a header in the Drudge report I check to see who’s sponsoring it. I ignore everything from The New York Times, The  Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, CNN and Breibart.Though some may get me hooked by their header before I think of checking their media sponsor.

I also avoid most UK sponsored writings especially reports about US politics and NASA.

I am also beginning to see political parties as distractors of attention that should be directed at a nation’s problems and not party problems. Canada has had problems determining the application of the law to a job providing corporation with a recently removed attorney general of Canada accusing her party leader of directing her to choose politics over law. Following her testimony 33 cabinet members  gave their party and Prime Minister their pledge of support.

And today I saw a header that House speaker Pelosi wanted to lower the voting age to get voters when they are young either as  politically active or simply as voters who’d support the speakers own party.


This morning I was checking my YouTube video of my DIY Italian style harpsichord to see how often it’s been viewed.  A Deremigis  search usually brings it up along with an increasing number of  files containing De Remigis’s I didn’t know existed before the invasion of  mass marketing computer search engines. But today as I mindlessly ploughed through those files “to the bitter end” I discovered an Amazon file without De Remigis/ deremigis//Deremigis. I believe I saw the name Rameau in it and guessed it might have something to do with my having purchased an edition of Rameau’s harpsichord works; my guess was right. But when I opened the file I saw that what triggered it was a three star review that I had given, not of the works but for the sparseness of ornaments in this transcription which probably made the works easier to play than those in my disintegrating tiny edition which I think I bought because I’d heard about Rameau’s importance as a theorist. Musically I had assumed Bach had been the greatest composer of both keyboard and orchestral works. But for some reason I kept trying to perform the Rameau highly ornamented pieces in my 6.5 inch/16.5 centimeter high little edition from which I learned that Rameau could do what no other old European musician could do; unlike Bach, Handel, or Mozart which is to never write anything musically awkward or disturbing, for to me all of Rameau’s works seem musical without fail. Perhap’s this musicality is a result of the harmonic beauty resulting from his theoretic understanding of harmony, or simply the climax of French art.

Dundas and Spadina

In China Town’s

Teaming, sun-steamed streets,

Oriental ladies


Chinese-charactered plastic bags

Weighted strait down

To their shuffle stepping feet

Under eyes as implacable as stars.

Now comes spring

Hear it ring against the walk:

April’s spray

Splashing tender shoots to summer roots,

Rising green on blue,

And waving warm in a glory of gliding gold.

Round We Go

Winter’s made the city white:

First fall after the winter’s hubbub,

Cooling more quickly than expected.

Soon January will be here

Breathless for summer

When under the flying lamp,

We’ll await the icey season’s festivities

Fashioning gifts before fall.