I’ve started wondering where the racists the media keep writing about are..

With all the talk of racism in the media I’ve started wondering who the racists are. I know there must have been a lot around when I was growing up. There seemed to be a lot of name calling back then with new Canadians getting called D P’s, displaced persons, probably displaced by the war in Europe. My mother born in Peterborough, Ontario said that when she was on a TTC vehicle once   someone, a stranger, called my younger brother a D P. She was really upset about that because my younger brother like my mother, father, myself and siblings were all born here in Canada. And that happened at least 25 years after the second Great War had ended  in 1945 and a little less from when a law was passed in 1947 removing Italians from the undesirable alien immigrant category nearly 60 years after the WWI when my mother’s uncle as a member of Canada’s  military, not yet 17, had his name memorialized on a Belgian wall not many years after arriving here from Italy when Canada needed help clearing land for railroad tracks.

read  in an online document recently that the media was a major source of prejudice toward new comers to Canada