Mr. Trump and the Military

The old blog copied below came to mind on reading Mr. Buchanan’s April 19, 2019 piece .

From September 2016 “Could this be what they’re hiding?”

Finally reporting of substance, free of caricature and mockery about Mr. Trump’s Republican candidacy: Mr. Trump with the support of the U.S. military will attempt to increase military expenditures not for regime change they say, but to caution North Korea and Iran.

I reblogged the above from September 7, 2016 probably because Mr. Trump’s been getting some media attention for his appointing military men to his administration, even choosing a general as secretary of defense when it’s customary to put a non military citizen in that post like Obama’s choice Leon Panetta who had no military qualifications. Panetta reveals his reaction to being chosen secretary of defense in his book Worthy Fights. And it looks like Trump is really planning on spending more government money on military equipment and more soldiers. I wonder if he’s planning on maintaining the military industrial complex that President Eisenhower spoke of.

A Roman Wedding

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Juvenal, Roman satirist of the first century A.D. decrying the growing effeminacy of the Roman male in that century, mockingly quotes one such male in an imagined dialogue as follows: ‘”I have a ceremony to attend at dawn to-morrow, in the Quirinal valley[a district in the city of Rome].” “What is the occasion?” “No need to ask: a friend is taking to himself a husband; quite a small affair.” Yes and if only we live long enough we shall see these things done openly: people will wish to see them reported among the news of the day.’

And in the news of this day( August 18, 2007) of the second millennium we may read: ”Grooms looked ‘radiant.” “Brison makes history as first Canadian MP in same-sex marriage”

(By Amy Smith and Gordon Delaney staff reporters Nova Scotia News – The Chronical Herald, August 18,2007,)

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Europe’s climate changed in AD 320 as England’s climate cooled.

“Since about 200BC Europe, and perhaps the world, had been basking in a climate rather warmer than ours today[2012]. Crop yields had been high, and crops such as grapes and olives had been able to grow farther north than they can today.” CEAWALIN  the man who created England, R. Mathews 2012; p. 27


Words applied to political social systems have become colloquialisms that everyone has a moralistic understanding of: fascism is bad; socialism has come to mean good. But all present day governments have shown features of both the bad and the good.

Communism considered an evil with the rise of the USSR, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, equates communism with socialism. The system  imposed by Hitler on Germany was labelled National Socialism, a political outlook inspired by Mussolini, a former socialist, who named his Italian government Fascist after the Roman fasces (the rods) carried by a consul of the Roman Republic to signify the power over life and death that limited any individual seeking to disturb Res Publica, things public, enjoyed through the rights of citizenship. The eventual rise of Chinese communism after the USSR, Fascism and National Socialism championed  political power for the benefit of society, especially during Chinese communist cultural revolutions. And of the early prophets of communism Lenin is believed to have seen communism as the goal of socialism.

England’s North American Tentacles

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US intelligence director James Clapper called Donald Trump about classified Russia memos

The DNI said the document did not originate from the intelligence community

Feliks Garcia New York
8 hours ago

“This evening, I had the opportunity to speak with President-elect Donald Trump to discuss recent media reports about our briefing last Friday,” Mr Clapper said. “I expressed my profound dismay at the leaks that have been appearing in the press, and we both agreed that they are extremely corrosive and damaging to our national security.”

Earlier this morning my Google Trump search picked up this article with URL terms,” of the U.K.. Strangely it disappeared about an hour later. So I searched “Clapper” and got it again. Stranger still Republican John McCain brought the dossier to light that Clapper says damages “our[U.S.A’s] national security”.
The dossier linking Trump to Russian influence seems to have originated…

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The President’s Reactions

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President-elect Donald Trump accepts the U.S. intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia engaged in cyber attacks affecting the U.S. presidential election and may take actions in response, his incoming chief of staff said on Sunday.

Reince Priebus said Trump believes Russia was behind the intrusions into the Democratic Party organizations, though he did not clarify whether the president-elect agreed that the hacks were directed by Russian President Vladimir Putin…

Now I know what President Obama meant in last January’s State of the Union speech when he said “Believe”

The quote above comes from Reuters. But I first spotted it in a header in a Donald Trump search results page. This is what caught my attention:

“President-elect Donald Trump accepts the U.S. intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia engaged in cyber attacks affecting the U.S. presidential election…

Today August 3, 2017 one day after the Bloomberg article that follows, my CP24 weather…

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