Elm Street

Elm Street has lingered in my mind for as long as I can remember. I can’t recall when it got planted there. After having it in my thoughts for years, rekindled every so often by my mother’s interjections “they’re from Elm Street” about Italians whose origins she knew of, I recently learned that Elm Street … More Elm Street


When George Bush junior led the conquest of Iraq I thought only of the seeming arbitrariness of the invasion and the senselessness of its justifications. With  media’s highlighting Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction as the reason President Bush had to act, the lengthy Iran – Iraq war that preceded the 2003 invasion was easily overlooked. … More Iran

Canada’s Steel Industry

Originally posted on Deremigi's Blog:
Canada manufactures and exports very little steel. Steel manufactured in Canada is manufactured under the direction of global organizations. Canada sold its steel industry Hudsons Bay, Petro Canada, Tim Hortons and manufacturing companies like Dafasco  years ago. The Steel products that Canada exports comprise steel made and priced by…

In 1845 British protectionism expired to birth the income tax.

Posted on September 27, 2017 by peterderemigis …The budget of 1842 reduced the tariff on some 750 articles, and three years later Peel reduced tariffs still more. Duties on raw materials were mostly abolished and those on manufactured articles were consolidated at a general level of 10 per cent. In these ways the burden of … More In 1845 British protectionism expired to birth the income tax.