Afraid of the Trade war?

So much for the trade war ( that’s been spookin’ journalists afraid that big money making manufacturers might get them and they’ll get laid off because the money ‘s dried up) now that fearless apple’s closing the shop makin’ Mac Book Pro and movin’ it all to China where they already make everything you can buy at Walmart; and even grand pianos and cars, and stuff on ebay with no shipping. I heard some time ago that even if those Jobs that Mr. McCain once said were gone for good came back there’d be no one to do them because nobody’s been doin what the Chinese’ve been doin for so long that people over here in the noncommunist world no longer had the skills they lost with the jobs that started leaving for China maybe 50 years ago.

Make the rich pay.

The idea of taxing the income of the wealthy is what they who call themselves socialists prescribe to produce social justice. But income tax provides opportunities for them with capital to purchase experts to protect their money from taxes. The “flat tax” was thought to be the solution by them who did not profess socialism, for a flat tax would eliminate the loop holes that experts use to protect the money of the wealthy.

Today’s socialists include individuals of great wealth. Russia and China are socialist states where individuals of great wealth are given notoriety and honour because they are wealthy. The phrase Russian oligarch acknowledges that there are a number of wealthy Russians who are members of that cast , that oligarchy . China is still called Communist China, yet it gives power to its citizens of great wealth. And though he fancies himself to be a wealthy capitalist whose friends are also wealthy, President Trump socialist-like presents himself as the spokesman for the less than wealthy struggling majority who are not among his friends. In a sense income tax has been a gift to the wealthy because their wealth has supported the political and legal experts who’ve designed the income tax laws that protect their income.

The Road

I used to be ready to join whatever came along.

And what used to come along were people like me,

People whose strings had come unstrung;

Mapless – like Hansel and Gretel chasing crumbs by a translucent glass dividing life and middle class’

Flickering out to highways like galaxies in a dark night’s sky.

The Underground

and her own mind
Desolate and wild as the wind.

Faces along the east-west subway

Faces I didn’t know were there

Till the TTC planned a trip for me

Up a path where wind bites,  blowin’

To Maine where motorized lame keep comin’ and goin’.

Passed imploring arms, out from the walk at a wall.

And a lady screaming she wants to be  left alone

With bags on her arms transfixed under heaven;

And her life

 And her own mind

Desolate and wild as the wind.

Guarding the underground: a man displaying coins in a stack pleasantly solicits more.

Jupiter, Saturn & Mars

CBC or CTV television says you can see the planet Jupiter on Monday, June 10, 2019. Jupiter and Saturn do not appear just one day. If they are visible they will be easy to see for weeks if not months. For a number of years Jupiter has appeared from the East close to the zenith. Last year it appeared high over the South horizon for several months until it disappeared into the South -West . Not far behind was Mars that followed a similar path till it too vanished into the Western horizon. A few years ago Saturn followed a similar path.

“…despite an ignorant news report that’s circulating all over the world, you can see Jupiter’s moons with binoculars anytime Jupiter is up — not just at opposition! Who creates this nonsense?” (Sky and Telescope)

Last night, June 9, I saw the moon hovering in the constellation Leo as it dove head first off into the Western horizon.

Weapons purchase ensures America’s greatness.

It’s almost 2 years (June 8,2017) since I asked why NATO was pleased with Canada’s latest purchases of war weapons as President Trump was announcing his intended increase in USA’s weapon’s expenditures to make America great again. I don’t think any Pulitzer Prize journalist said anything about the president and his military: they seemed too distracted by his appearance and personality to bother writing about foreign policy and the making of expensive weapons to be purchased by the USA treasury.

June 21, 2020: I saw the first few minutes of President Trump’s celebrating his accomplishments at his Tulsa reelection event when he told of his glorious 2 trillion dollar weapons purchase to ensure that the US military can maintain America’s greatness.

Aliens & Flickering lights on the moon

Are there really Men in Black aware of the ever presence among us of extra terrestrial life? Often our search for such life implies that it must be superior to human life; indeed the impulse to search, itself implies a loss of confidence in the significance of human nature. For we hear that in our ever expanding universe life must be infinitely plentiful and so we humans are likely not unique but merely one of many species scattered among the stars; life itself as plentifully insignificant as their uncountable flickering. And still no one tires of peering into this ever expanding darkness. Yet few suspect that despite generations of waiting, probing and speculating that our desperate efforts to contact other life forms may find only creatures too backward to have responded to our intergalactic overtures and not the godlike superiors of our technological imaginings.