Make the rich pay.

The idea of taxing the income of the wealthy is what they who call themselves socialists prescribe to produce social justice. But income tax provides opportunities for them with capital to purchase experts to protect their money from taxes. The “flat tax” was thought to be the solution by them who did not profess socialism, for a flat tax would eliminate the loop holes that experts use to protect the money of the wealthy.

Today’s socialists include individuals of great wealth. Russia and China are socialist states where individuals of great wealth are given notoriety and honour because they are wealthy. The phrase Russian oligarch acknowledges that there are a number of wealthy Russians who are members of that cast , that oligarchy . China is still called Communist China, yet it gives power to its citizens of great wealth. And though he fancies himself to be a wealthy capitalist whose friends are also wealthy, President Trump socialist-like presents himself as the spokesman for the less than wealthy struggling majority who are not among his friends. In a sense income tax has been a gift to the wealthy because their wealth has supported the political and legal experts who’ve designed the income tax laws that protect their income.