Socialism a Panacea for Injustice

The idea of taxing high income earners seems to be what people believe would produce social justice and achieve a society that is the opposite of one that encourages income growth and the ability to purchase experts to nullify attempts to impose limits on financial power. Money not muscle provides power to dominate. Only a few individuals and their cohorts have this power. The majority not among that group of high earners are encouraged to take a chance to gamble in hopes that they might acquire greater wealth by chance than do others by large incomes, knowing the right people or inheritance.

The idea of taxing high incomes is the solution to social inequality say they calling themselves socialists. But everyone knows, even socialists, that money buys the expertise that protects large incomes from taxes.

The idea of socialism imagines a society in which work is done for the betterment of everyone in a society not just the individual. It is the idea that the best in humanity is achieved through work that everyone can emulate and enjoy the benefits of.

But when people are not valued for being able to better all members of society those who do nothing that improves the lives of any one , not even themselves, get most of the money. In that society acquisition of money/capital is a game in which everyone is after the same money.

Justice not Socialism

Elizabeth Warren, “The Massachusetts Democrat, a progressive who’s advocated for a wealth tax and has made income inequality a mainstay of her platform,”

Income inequality is the result of remuneration inequality, people being paid more than their labor is worth. Such inequality exists because societies lack just systems of value and the will to live by them.  Without such values people are paid according to the impulse of powerful friends by whom they are favoured and celebrated, while the majority underlings are required to conform to regulations and academic abstractions to land a job.


For the past 20 years or so whenever I walk onto my front porch I’m being watched by a neighbour’s techno device. And when I tread the pavement across the road a few doors down, lights flash on like a scene from a jail break movie. Whenever I stand in a Toronto subway exit I’m informed that I’m being watched in accordance with a province of Ontario law. And not too many years ago media informed that police were given video recorders. I remember little more than 2 years ago someone got shot in front of their residence and a video camera showed several people hurrying away which made me think they were the likely shooters. And those cameras that were supposed to be trained on Mr. Epstein’s cell weren’t facing the right way.

This morning Toronto’s mayor and Ontario’s premier were on television talking about gangs and gun violence and how the premiere would be contributing three million dollars worth of video cameras to combat the problem.


The News You Need To Know

Since Mr. Epstein was arrested in Early July 2019, I’ve been consulting the Drudge page for information, but I don’t think I’ve read anything about his behaviour, associates and victims that I hadn’t been informed of in 2015. All of the important people who’ve been reported as having been complicit in his activities full of self righteous shock continue to vociferously deny participating.

Even the charge that Mr. Trump had once threatened the woman pursuing legal redress of Epstein seems to have dissipated with her recent statement that neither Trump nor Clinton had been intimate with her.

Tired of these repetitive and uninforming reports, I’ve been turning to online searches for information by putting his name, Epstein, in the search box of my browser. Again the same old opinions and reports appear today August 13, 2019; one undated with the caption “4 hours ago” from displays two large pictures of Mr. Epstein one of Epstein’s profile with two other heads like a postal pic that I’ve seen so often that I could draw it from visual memory if I’d wanted to and another of him and the villainous Trump who appears too youthful for me to recognize without his name printed with the photo.

Does change or eating make us sick?

Many years ago, long before this new fasting “fad” had become so popular that last week a friend out of the blue asked me if I fasted surprising me by mentioning that fasting had health benefits confirmed by today’s Wall Street Journal article that fasting and its health benefits was no “fad”, I read in Herodotus’ Histories that the ancient Egyptians believed that disease was caused by eating while Herodotus’ ancient Greek view was that disease was caused by change.